Cotswold Cottage - OFB Starter

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Uploaded: 12th Dec 2007 at 1:25 AM
Updated: 2nd Sep 2008 at 12:14 PM
Settle in to village life in this elegant traditional residence.

The Cotswold boasts a stylish turret frontage, sure to catch everyone's fancy. The house is tastefully decorated in fresh white and cosy browns, with green accents. The furnishings are good but simple. Would suit investment as a romantic bed-and-breakfast property, or move in yourself!

The front door opens onto the dining area, with kitchen at the rear, while a roomy parlour takes up the turret space at the front of the house. Big windows offer plenty of light and make the most of the country views.

An upstairs toilet is tucked in next to the back door, while spiral stairs lead to the basement.

Downstairs, the bedroom suite includes a full bathroom and a niche for your desk, or perhaps a cot if little ones are expected. The basement has ample daylight.

Phone, fire alarm and bookcase are included in this walk-in price, as well as complete furnishings for a single or couple.

Set in the centre of a bustling village, there is very little yard space, but a few easy-care rose bushes soften the outlines nicely.

1 bedroom
1.5 baths

Notes for Players

The house has been playtested. Furnishings are new.
(update - further testing shows that the oven is partly blocked by the dining chair - move the table one tile closer to the door, remove that chair, or move the cooker. Any of these options will prevent the problem. Sorry, I did have them use the stovetop in testing, but not the oven.)

There seems to be a bug on my system which is removing diagonal windows when the house is saved. I believe I have packaged the house with all its windows correct, but if the diagonal windows end up missing, you can easily replace them.

The empty house is very cheap - less than $6000. The furnished house includes a good bed and decent plumbing, pushing the price up significantly.

The lot is a custom Sunnyside 1x1, by me.

Lot Size: 1x1
Lot Price: $17,111

Custom Content Included:
- Soft Marble tile by CokeBuilder
- Simple Spiral Stairs - Left turn by Marvine
- Privacy Window Single, set high by MaryLou
- Privacy Window Single, set low, centred by MaryLou
- Privacy Window- Double, set high by MaryLou
- Nengi's Big Rosebush by Nengi65 of SimsCrossing
- Monticello Bay Window by simfantastic2
- Bay window recolour by simfantastic2
- Bay window recolour by simfantastic2
- Bay window recolour by simfantastic2
- Bay window recolour by simfantastic2
- Brick wall 014 by LyricLee of Exnemsims

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Andi8104 for the original 1x1 lot, and to MTS2 for encouraging me to learn and share.

Thanks to Numenor for the Basegame Starter.

Find the Sunnyside lot blanks here: