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Open/Closed Sign of War and Commerce Recolour

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Uploaded: 16th Dec 2007 at 5:48 AM
Updated: 16th Dec 2007 at 7:51 AM
Open/Closed Sign of War and Commerce Recolour

What is This?

This is a cloned object from the "Open/Closed Sign of War and Commerce", it have the same functions and mesh from the original object.

Why yo don´t simply make a normal recolour package file instead a cloned object?

This is because when i use the recolour option from the Object Workshop pf SIMPe. the package comes empty!, so I created a Cloned Object

Will this override the default object?

NO, This is a cloned object with a Unique and registered GUID, so it is not going to override anything form your objects.

Where is it?
At the same location as the default one (Buy Mode/Decorative/Miscellaneous)
Price: 20 Simoleans as the default one, and the descriptions are the same as the default one, available for all languages

Looks Great, How to Install?

Simply, like all custom content, download and extract the rar Archive, cut and paste the package file on your Downloads folder.

Does it haves any bug?

Yes, it is when you close the business with the default sign, the custom one don´t change.

Any other Bug detected, please comment about it

OK, Anything else?
yes, please press Thanks button and comment

Additional Credits:
Creators of SimPE - Simple Package Editor (SimPe)
Numenor - AnyGame Starter Tool
Recolour Tutorial - MTS2 Community
Cloning Objects Tutorial - MTS2 Community
Hosting - MTS2 Community