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Surgical Doctor Career

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Uploaded: 21st Dec 2007 at 12:43 AM
Updated: 31st Dec 2007 at 12:51 AM
I bring you - Surgical Doctor Career!

At the moment it is just an adult career, but I am hoping to do teen/elder soon. Please note that it is an Australian version, so I will give you the American equalities:

Registrar = Resident
Registrar Director = Chief Resident
Director of Surgery = Chief of Surgery

I think you get the picture

Career Levels
1. Paid Volunteer Worker
Description - Finally you have followed your passion in the medical world and decided to volunteer at the local hospital. You are paid little to cheer up the patients by dressing in bizarre costumes and running errands, but it’s worth it!...
Pay - $170
Days and Time: 10am - 5pm: M W T F S S

2. Science Student
Description:The university, desperate to train people in the world of science, has decided to pay their entrants! It’s still not much, but it helps!...
Pay - $250
Days and Time: 9am - 2pm: M T W T F

3. Medical Student
Description - You are paid a little more, but the work becomes tougher. Nights must be spent studying in order to pass while still keeping contacts...
Pay- $400
Days and Time: 10am - 3pm: M T W F

4. Intern
Description - You have made it! Finally you are no longer studying to be a doctor, you are the doctor! Although you are the lowest of all doctors, bottom of the pit, you are mesmerised at being able to practice the wonderful world of medicine...
Pay - $700
Days and Time: 7am - 6pm: M T W T F Sa

5. Registrar
Description - After a year of training, you have moved up the runt to a registrar. The hours are better, and the pay is good, but watch you don’t make surgery your life...
Pay - $900
Days and Time: 9am - 7pm: M W T F Sa

6. Registrar Director
Description- You have beaten every other Registrar to become the leader. The pay is flowing in, but you have less time to do the things you love...
Pay - $1300
Days and Time: 6am - 6pm: M T W T F Sa

7. Attending General Surgeon
Description - Your studies are complete and you are fast becoming the best surgeon in the country. The pay is great, and you are finally the leader in the Operating Room...
Pay - $2000
Days and Time: 9am - 4pm: M T W T

8. Director of Surgery
Description - You rule, literally! You have become the head of all surgeons and are one that matters go to. You permit surgeries, fill paperwork out and hold meetings along with completing your own surgeries.
Pay - $2500
Days and Time: 7am - 7pm: M T T F

9. Hospital Superintendent
Description - You have decided to move higher in administration, and now direct the whole hospital. Every person answers to you.You advise of employment, pay the bills and place signatures on hundreds of papers each day...
Pay - $3000
Days and Time: 9am - 4pm: M T T F

10. Hospital Owner
Description - You did it! You finally took the plunge and decided to buy the whole hospital! As the owner you now receive the extra profit, so your pay cheque is great...
Pay - $3500
Days and Time: 9am - 3pm: M T W T

It should be EP ready
All chance cards are completed
Own carpool, working days and uniforms
Has it's own custom Icon (see below)
Unique guilds so it wont overwrite any other careers

If you like it, remember to download and press the thanks button, and if there are any glitches, grammar or spelling errors, please let me know. Thanks!