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New Career! The Artist

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Uploaded: 21st Dec 2007 at 3:11 PM
Updated: 29th Aug 2009 at 7:27 PM - Requested by moderators
Hello everyone,

I have created another new career, the artist. This is a non-slacker based version of an actual artist in todays world. Sure in the career path it does cross-over into the areas of design but, lets face it the reality is the two careers are intertwined in todays world.
This is an add-on career and does not substitute for any careers already in the game. Also, this was career is base game compatible and does not require any expansion packs.

The levels and wages are the same for both men and women:
1) Student 150
You are a starving student. Most would call you a starving artist, but at this level in your education everyone you know is doing what they can to make ends meet.
For right now you have found a late-night job working in one of your professor's studios designing CD covers for up and coming music artists. Sure CD's are going out of style as people now download their music (including you,) but this should last until you finally graduate.
Mon-Thur, 6am till 3pm

2) Intern 200
You have just graduated from art school and have been offered an intern-position designing boxes and packaging for a shipping company. Sure there is not much money but there is plenty of job security. Also when you do feel it is time to move on you will have plenty of experience for your resume.
Mon-Fri, 8am till 5pm

3) Amateur Artist 300
You still work for the packaging company but you also need to find a way to earn more money to start paying off your student loans. So you are starting to market yourself out as an amateur artist. You make a few paintings after work and try to sell them at farmers markets on the weekends. You are not getting that much extra money but it sure does help.
Mon-Sat, 8am till 5pm

4) Designer 400
As luck would have it, you have found work as a entry-level graphic designer for a government office. The work is constant and the pay is better than the packaging company. Sure you do not have much room for self-expression in your work right now but it is a very comfortable position you have found yourself in for now.
You need to start making contacts in your field that you can depend on because you find yourself having to use the specializations of others frequently.
Mon-Fri, 8am till 5pm

5) Project Coordinator 500
You are now working as the coordinator for a major project between several agencies. You are not the actual supervisor but this only means you work twice as hard as they do for less money. However, if something does go wrong with the project no one is looking at you either.
Use this experience to help you better organize your priorities as this may be a sign of how your career is going to be for now on.
Mon-Sat, 6am till 3pm

6) Project Supervisor 600
You are still working on the same multi-organization project but the original supervisor has left for another more lucrative project, leaving you in charge of this one. Now all of the mistakes they were making are now your responsibility to make work. Some days at work you are the fearless leader and others you are hanging on only a prayer.
You are currently brain-storming over what you intend to do once this project is over.
Mon-Sat, 6am till 3pm

7) Art Critic 800
You have taken on a less stressful project as an art critic and consultant for a historical society. You are surprised by how many organizations call you for your expert advise upon a daily basis. The difference between what you were just doing and what you are doing now is like night and day.
Work on your creativity because even though you have plenty of work now, this job cannot last forever.
Mon-Fri, 9am till 6pm

8) Freelance Artist 1000
You knew that your last job could not last forever, so you have taken upon the task of teaching at a local university part time while working upon your own creative projects. Your access to the university facilities helps out greatly and you would not be able to make this much money with out this benefit.
The university is a great place to make some great new professional contacts.
Mon-Fri, 8am till 9pm

9) Artistic Icon 1400
You have done everything and you know everyone that there is to know in the local art world. You are looked upon by your peers as an icon and the professional world highly values your opinion. Sure you have found your own artistic style and helped others found theirs but you still have not accomplished that great project that you can stamp upon yourself to be remembered for.
Mon-Fri, 10am till 6pm

10) World-Class Artist 1800
Finally you have become liberated enough to express yourself in your art in a way that no one can second you. Art students are required to study your work and any art collector who is anyone has at least one of your pieces with in their collection. You are known the whole world over and people will be appreciating your work long after you are gone.
Mon-Fri, 9am till 5pm

Like as in all my careers there are chance cards for levels 1 through 9 and I hope you enjoy this new career. The teen and elderly version of this career can be found here .