Complete Farm Lot! Silo, barn, coop, windmills, swimmable lake. furnished house!

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Uploaded: 2nd Jan 2008 at 7:45 AM
Updated: 5th Jan 2008 at 12:22 AM - spelling errors, also, doesn't need CEP
Title: Farm Lot
Category: Residential Lot

lot size: 5x6
price: $119,646
furnished: yes - Maxis only items, custom flooring and walls (some of it).
tested: yes - less than 1 days (just tested the items)

Are your a rich sims thinking of retiring? why have them live in a hotel, or some retirement home, locked up in a little room where they can hardly enjoy not working? They have more money than that. I have for you a fully furnished farm house, two windmills, a barn that leads out to a pasture, a silo that they can walk into, and chicken coop with chickens, eggs, and chicks painted straight on the wall, all rolled into one farm/ranch. But what to do when they get bored doing nothing? Send them out to the fields to work, with multiple rows for planting cucumbers or tomatoes, fully equipped with sprinkler systems, bug repelling posts, and four compost bins to fertilize the rows of crops. They can also swim in the lake, or buy/adopt pets to put in the barn and regularly feed/forget to feed. They can also play darts or chess in the basement, or read books from the many bookshelves littered throughout the house.

The house includes one large kitchen, one bathroom that includes a sink, toilet, and bath/shower, a living room with the cheapest TV ( a nice wide screen wouldn't go with the cow furniture) and a fireplace, along with an armchair and a three person couch, a coffee table with a vase and radio (also cheapest), a master bedroom with a double bed, a really decorative curtain arrangement, a phone, an alarm clock, and bookcases, a guest/child's bedroom with another curtain arrangement, another bookcase, and a bed.
The house also includes a basement with a couch, a dart board, and a chess table.

The barn includes a cheap end table and a lamp. each section has an archway that leads out to the pasture with a small pond and tree.

The windmills are not statues, they are multilevel columns with a wall on top, and two tiles on each side that are tilted with the boolprop constrainfloorelevation cheat. creative, Eh? they are also tilted slighting down or up, like a real windmill.

The chicken coop is a small room on the deck that uses stilts, with a custom floor and walls, some with chickens on them. it also has a few mouse holes painted on. the floor is complete with hay, feathers, and a yellow stain, that has a look like it was attempted to be cleaned. there are also some faded muddy footprints.

The silo also uses the boolprop constrainfloorelevation cheat, and can be walked into. your sims can store things in there, I suppose maybe they could put the things they harvest in their, or just use it for decoration. do what you want

This is my entry to the farm creating contest.

Also, thanks to the creators of S2PCI, all the people who wrote tutorials for building, and everyone who runs and contributes to Mod the sims 2, you make the greatest game ever so much better


Custom Content by Me:
- barn floor
- barn wall 1 - "chicken 2"
- barn wall 1 - "chicken 3"
- barn wall 1 - "chicken 1"
- barn wall 2 - bare
- barn wall 1 - "chicken 1"
- barn wall 1 - "chicken 2"
- barn wall 1 - "chicken 3"
- barn wall 2 - bare
- barn floor