Stella Salazar: South American Beauty

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Uploaded: 3rd Jan 2008 at 8:17 AM
Updated: 4th Jan 2008 at 1:21 AM
Stella Salazar is currently my pride and joy. After spending hours on her small pixelized frame in bodyshop, I was so pleased with the results I stared at my monitor and that blinding blood red bodyshop background for a good 15 minutes spinning her and spinning her and spinning her... I'd say she turned out rather well. Making dollies is super fun and it's been some time since i've shared any of them. So please enjoy Stella, I'm sure she'll make a welcome addition to your neighborhoods.

Content Used in Images

Walls: Avalon
Earrings: XMSims
Hair: Sims Artist Union - Will Stefan
Clothing: Maxis - Liana Sims 2 - Bruno

*Stella comes packaged in Maxis hair and clothing*

Please do not claim Stella as your own creation or enter her into a competition claiming her as your original work. Please do not upload to the exchange or use her to model any of your pay content. And lastly, please do not allow Stella to "Watch the clouds" on your lawns....
beware the evil Satellites people... beware..

Custom Content by Me:
- Custom Sim by Cinamun

Custom Content Included:
- helaene - sparkling eyes - black by helaene
- simenroute -- dark circles -- pale by Simenroute
- {Light} [email protected] by Ren
- AnKieode--nosemakeup-light by AnKieode
- helaene - june lashes - black by helaene
- Eyeshadow by @Stefan by @Stefan
- lovebottle Queen Lip Gloss by lovebottle
- Rihanna Skintone by @Stefan by @Stefan

Additional Credits:
To the wonderful creators that helped make this sim possible, you have my deepest thanks. THANK YOU! Also, thank you to Summer Wine of InSim, if it wasn't for your America's Next Top Model contest, the inspiration for Stella would never have been born. ROCK. ON.

Also, if you have any trouble downloading her, Try Clean Installer