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Random Sim Clothing Part 2 (for Teens)

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Uploaded: 4th Jan 2008 at 1:48 PM
Updated: 16th May 2009 at 2:05 PM

As an addition to Part 1, I decided to make more teen clothing. This time not punk (although I will upload 4 new ones very soon!), but simple, colorful teen clothing. I made three different ones, and a recolor of the third outfit. All outfits require a mesh from parsimonious, which is included in the file. ^.^

Outfit 1

A black and white striped tube top with a strawberry at the front, dark jeans and converses. Just a cute, simple outfit.

Outfit 2

Another black and white striped tube top with heart shaped white buttons, some black details, and of course dark jeans and converses.

Outfit 3

To bring some color into Sim world, I created this outfit. Its a dark blue tank top with yellow and pink flower details, black straps and again dark jeans and converses. I just love this outfit!

Outfit 4

Because I loved this outfit myself, I decided to make a recolor of outfit 3: this time a purple top with yellow and green flowers and black straps, dark jeans and converses.

You can download each outfit separately, or get all outfits in one click by downloading the RSCPart2_yvje4_Collection file. And once again, the mesh needed for the outfits is included in all the files.


Additional Credits:
-Parsimonious for the mesh. Included in file!!
-Eyes by Enayla
-Skin by Enayla
and @stefan
-Hair by RaonSims and XMSims
-Lipstick by Bruno
-Eyeshadow by Bailelizabeth and Corvidophile2
-Models made by me