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Farm & Stable - Fully Furnished, Minimal CC

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This download is part of the Farm/Rural Creator Challenge
Uploaded: 5th Jan 2008 at 2:08 AM
Farm & Stable

Not exactly a very original name, but that's basically what this lot is. Minimal custom content was used. The lot is fully furnished although the barn has plenty of room for expansion. Ground cover was used to make paths and suitable terrain for different parts of the yard. All buildings, paddocks/pens and the garden have lights so at night farmer Sims that are still hard at work can see.

>>> Please see the custom content to find what you have to download!

Lot Details:
Size: 4x4
Price: $144,106
Type: Residential
Play Tested: No

Lot Features:
2 Story House
2 Paddocks
Dog House
Vegetable Garden
Fruit Trees

Custom Content:
- Chelsea Blues Paper with White Beadboard by Amethystfenix for Parsimonious
- Hay Wagon, Bale of Hay, Bales of Hay Stacked by rebecah
- Cow, Pig, Duck by mickyss (Duck listed as Nine Lives Cat O' Nines)

- The Only Horse Your Sims Will Ever Need by Dragon Slave (all poses, I have all recolours but only used 11 in the lot, not sure which ones though)
- New Mesh-Partitions for Horse stable! by feeEssen (both partitions)

This set is NOT included in the lot, but you may like to add it. It requires Nightlife:
Barn Set by Paleoanth

EP Compatibility:
This requires PETS and SEASONS only. The lot was created using Numenor's AnyGameStarter.

A fully-furnished 2-story house with foundation underneath. The house features a small patio/verandah at the front, and 2 sets of stairs leading to the ground, one facing the front for easy access from the street, the other leading out past the dog house & hay wagon and onto the path made with ground cover.

The first level features a cosy entry with fireplace, a practical kitchen and dining area, and a regal lounge room perfect for entertaining guests. The second level contains a master bedroom for the parents and twin bedroom for children, and a roomy bathroom. There's a womrat cage in the children's bedroom.

The house is fully-furnished with many matching pieces. Nice combinations of light wood are used throughout, and country rugs add a quaint homey feel. Paintings, curtains and lights are used throughout, and the house has many windows for lots of light so there is plenty of detail. The house is very roomy overall.

Stable & Barn:
A roomy stable with 8 stalls for horses, and a connecting barn that can be converted into more stalls. There are 6 horses in the stalls.

Paddocks & Pen:
Right near the stable is a roomy paddock for the horses. There is a gate at the front for Sims, and one facing the stable so the horses can be moved to and from the stable with ease. A large tree provides shade on hot days. There are 5 horses in the paddock. Nestled beside the barn is the paddock for the cow, and in front of the barn is the pig pen, home to three pink piggies.

The yard consists of a pond decorated with water plants and ducks, a ladybug house, garden knome and tree here and there. There's also a swing for the kids. In front of the house are some lovely bushes and flowers. Beside the house is a hay wagon, and a dog house with other necessities for the farm dog including food bowl and toy bone.

Vegetable Garden & Fruit Trees:
Farmer Sims can grow their vegetables in the garden with a reasonable-sized patch of soil, and there's no need to worry about watering as the two sprinklers take care of that. There are nine fruit trees as well, three apple, three orange and three lemon, planted in neat rows for the farmer.