-Old Tire Swing- Swing for BaseGame, and a (BV) Treehouse!

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Uploaded: 13th Jan 2008 at 9:35 PM
Updated: 16th Sep 2009 at 1:42 AM
After a very long and frustrating journey, I have arrived at the Challenge Uploads page. With me I bring my project, a Tire Swing, completely BaseGame compatible and it WON"T overwrite the Maxis swing. If you are thinking, well good, new objects aren't supposed to anyways... what's your point? Then you have NO IDEA why there aren't more CC swings out there. The BaseGame Maxis swingset was deemed 'not clonable' because of badly coded GUID referencing BHAVs. It required a lot of patience and the talents of our wonderful Echo to discover. This project would not have been possible without her and Stormwench. The two were constantly offering to look at my project to see what was going wonky with it this week. After I finally had one that didn't have coding errors, she and Echo helped me fix the mesh/texture problems. THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH!

This tire swing was made from an old tire off a (real maxis) car, and strung up by a rope to a tree branch (tire, rope, and branch all included!). This swing is separate from the tree so you can have any tree you want with a swing! There is a branch included so your rope doesn't have to hang from nothing if the tree doesn't have a convenient enough branch. The mesh has no branches (ok, invisible), and the two recolors are the left and right branches. I could have done just one, but then if you swing ends up not facing the way you want it to, what then? The branches can be recolored to match any tree you want it to, and by leaving parts of the .png transparent, you can lengthen or shorten the branches. This is truly a universal tire swing. The picture below shows many of the larger Maxis trees with a swing strung up. These were all done with the three branches that I've already given you. With a bit of careful 'boolprop snapobjectstogrid false' the trees can be moved to intersect exactly with the branch. I hope this will come in handy for storytellers (let everyone know where you got it if you do use it in a story!)

Now, everything isn't peaches, strawberries, and roses. Animation. A sim's fingers are still going to be in a grasping fist position. To enter and exit the swing a sim will just float through the top part of the tire. During the backwards half of the swing arc a sim's head and shoulders dip into the tire. Small children can get lost in the tire as well. I really can't help any of these, I am at the mercy of the Maxis swing animation. Small fixes could be made on the mesh itself, but I've already tried doing that as much as possible with still keeping it looking like a tire swing and keeping it the same size as the tires on a car. None of my pictures show these issues, so I'm sure all the great storytellers can avoid having them in their shots as well. (Movie makers are going to have a trickier time covering it). All that aside, I still love the way it turned out, and I plan on using it far more than I've ever used the Maxis swing (footprint was too big in my opinion, this one is 1x6 instead of 2x6). I hope you enjoy it too.

As a final parting gift I have included a community lot (requires all EPs) for you to use in your newly created rural communities that this contest has sprouted. The community lot has a tree house, my tire swing, and a pond and trees. To correctly view and play the lot you need to download my Tire Swing and Marvine's Animated Ladders. There is no other CC in the lot at all.

My First Time: Making an object with such complicated BHAV editing!

Previous Knowledge:
Intermediate SimPE skills, beginning object creation, object recoloring, object meshing.

Custom Content by Me: (with guidance by the brilliant ones of course!)
- Phaenoh-Old Tire SwingR
- Phaenoh-Old Tire SwingL
- Phaenoh-Old Tire SwingMESH
- BV Treehouse

Polygon Counts:

Tire Swing = Everything or Anything
Treehouse = Needs all EPs up to BV

Nitty-gritty: Please don’t upload any of my creations anywhere, they are my toys to share, but I want to be the one to share them. If you use my swing in a lot you upload, please link back to me instead of including it. Thanks for respecting my work! You can, however, recolor it and upload those recolors here at MTS2 without asking for my permission. There are a bunch of trees with different shades of bark out there and I KNOW I made sucky branches. I would find it a compliment if you recolored it!


Additional Credits:
To Echo and Stormwench and JasanaBugbreeder and Tiggerypum and Wndy26 and everyone else who has helped me during my late night chat room sessions on this project. THANK YOU ALL!

Kalimos and I had fun playing on the swing, we felt like little kids, or at least young lovers again!