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Apple Valley Home-Based General Store with Accessories

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Uploaded 14th Jan 2008 at 12:29 PM · Updated 4th Feb 2008 at 3:09 AM by wndy26 : Updated: Fixed General Store Shelf - reduced poly count!

Update: I have replaced the General Store Shelf with a new lower polygon mesh. Reduced to 702 Polygons!

It has come to my attention (thanks Phaenoh) that recolors are not packaged with lots as I had always thought they were before. So I wanted to be sure and add in the living room sofa and loveseat recolor that I mentioned and to let you know, if you download the lot, to get the recolor pack you will need to download it separately. Sorry! I didn't know this before.

I began working on a custom neighborhood but got too excited about all the different things I wanted to add so I had to narrow down what to do and decided on a General Store. This lot is 3 x 2 and is set up as a commercial lot but could be converted to a home based lot since it has living quarters.

This store has its living quarters upstairs. It has two bedrooms and one bathroom for the household upstairs and one bathroom for customers downstairs. The living quarters are furnished with about as many items as you would find in a home in the 1800's, with the exception of the stove. In this home/business, your sims work the garden for fresh food to eat and to sell.

The first floor holds the general store. It has two entrances - a front and a rear. The store comes furnished with commercial counters, regular matching counters, a mission table for more goods, and plenty of lighting with hanging candles and big windows along the front of the building. It has a wrap around porch with two wide staircases so there is plenty of room for multiple sims to come and go.

The spare bedroom is located on the second floor (main living area of the home/business). It has a single bed with a night stand and lighting. The rest of the living quarters are based on an open floor plan with dining and living areas all in one with the kitchen separated from them by the stairwell entrance. The loft bedroom on the third floor hosts the master suite. The loft overlooks the main living area of the home.

The home/business comes furnished with general items. My custom meshes are included. The home/business is furnished with Maxis items from all expansion packs through Bon Voyage. It includes the Country Kitchen Coordinates recolor package (downloaded separately) as well as the matching wall and tile floor. You will also need to download the Blue Tweed Floral Fantasy recolor package to view the recolored sofa and loveseat included in the living area.

I have two working kiosks - a Barrel of Apples and a Penny Candy Display. The Penny Candy Display pulls maxis club counters so you can change it to match your counter finish and countertop to which ever club counter texture you want - to recolor the counter and counter top portion you will need to recolor the Maxis Club Counter. Also, please note that you can not use this item as a corner piece. It must be placed straight.

As well, I have two other general store items that are purely decorative - An "Old Fashion" Hat Tree and a General Store Shelf. Plus I have added an extra item that I created for a more recent store (one with electric) - a lighted business sign. The Lighted Business Sign does not come with the lot, but you will find the general store shelf hanging on a wall!

Some of these are rather large in polygon size so please don't download (or use CleanInstaller to remove) unless your computer can handle them. I would like to eventually turn the hat tree into a working kiosk for buying maxis hats, but for now it’s only decorative. The General Store Shelf has vintage tins of spices and coffee, plus 8 jars of home-canned vegetables from the store garden.

I hope you enjoy the store and the items. Its been great fun building!

Polygon Counts:
"Old Fashion" Hat Tree - 4851 Polygons
General Store Shelf - Updated version reduced to 702 Polygons
Lighted Business Sign - 1224 Polygons
Barrel of Apples - 1448 Polygons
Penny Candy Display (and candies) - 4357 Polygons
Wooden Sign Package - 62 Polygons

Custom Content by Me:
- Penny Candy - Lemon Heads
- Penny Candy - Red Licorice
- Penny Candy - Rock Candy
- Penny Candy - Sweedish Fish
- Penny Candy - Butterscotch Drops
- Penny Candy Counter
- Penny Candy - Bubble Gum
- General Store Shelf
- Lighted Business Sign
- Barrel of Apples
- Mauve Kitchen Tile 
- Kitchen wall with pink stone inlayed with mauve bricks and a fruit border. 
- Ye Ole Wooden Sign
- Ye Ole Wooden Sign
- Mauve Kitchen Tile 
- Kitchen wall with pink stone inlayed with mauve bricks and a fruit border. 
- Maxis Cafe Curtain Recolor
- Maxis Trash Can Recolor
- Maxis Vintage Retro Table Recolor
- Maxis Earthenware Trio Recolor
- Maxis Country Counter Recolor
- "Old Fashioned" Hat Tree

Additional Credits:

Update: Another special thanks goes out to Hysterical Paroxysm for assisting me with the repository texture questions on chat! Thanks HP!

Special Thanks goes to Phaenoh, Echo, Jasana_BugBreeder, and Stormwench for assisting me with troubleshooting my kiosks.

Honorable mention goes out to Echo and AbstractSimmer for creating the popcorn kiosk - my Penny Candy Display would never have been made possible for me if this package hadn't been there for me to refer from.

Extra special super honorable mention goes out to MTS2 staff for hosting these contests and Delphy for all the work that goes into keeping us up and going.

Also, I can't forget the creators of SimPE and Numenor for the color enabler package! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Whew! If I forgot to mention you, I am very sorry. Yell at me in chat!

Terms of Use:
Feel free to use my original meshes in your MTS2 uploaded lots, recolor at will, and please link back here for mesh if your posting a recolor pack. If you want to edit the mesh, please do so but please give credit to the original mesh when you share.

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