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Masumi Fujiwara - Ruthless Lawyer

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Uploaded: 20th Jan 2008 at 6:20 AM

Name: Masumi Fujiwara

Age: 29

Aspiration: Fortune

Astrological Sign: Aries

Info: Born to a Japanese father and French mother, it's easy to see where Masumi inherited her exotic looks. A very driven child and overachiever, she graduated summa cum laude from university and began a career in law. Deceptively soft-spoken, Masumi is utterly ruthless in the courtroom, and quite stubborn and even a bit arrogant outside of it. Despite that, she is a fiercely loyal friend once you've earned her trust. She enjoys living downtown with the bustle of the city around her. Her Japanese heritage has given her a strong work ethic and perfectionistic streak while her French side basks in everything decadent and luxurious. She spends her money freely on asian art and dinners at trendy restaurants.

Notes: While Masumi is pictured in a lovely XM Sims hairstyle, per their policies neither the recolor nor the mesh can be included in the rar. I've linked the style she's wearing below with the required meshes if you want her to look as she does here. She'll appear in bodyshop with a random Maxis 'do.

Custom Content Not Included:
- all meshes linked below
- XM sims hair #88

Custom Content by Me:
- Masumi Fujiwara

Custom Content Included:
- GlamBrows04Black by La_Exotique@MTS2 by La_Exotique
- Rensim - Mayday Eyes - Darker Brown by Rensim
- Layerable Mouth Corner ~(D.Eclipse) by Lunar Eclipse
- simenroute -- birthmark 7 by simenroute
- helaene_diorblush - heavenly plum by Helaene
- [Ash Crimson] ~(D.Eclipse) by Lunar Eclipse
- LaPink_urban Shadows by LaPink
- Blossoms - Bold Burgundy - Bruno@MTS2 by bruno
- Classicream Fingernails - Burgundy by alkaloid by alkaloid
- Ephemera_AsiaStyle_01 by Ephemera
- by tyler @ simply sims 2 by tyler

Additional Credits:
Everyone who comments on my sims, it just encourages me to make (and share) more
All the wonderful creators out there without whom my sims would look like ugly blobs.