Show Me Passion - Twenty-three Eyes by Zombie Jill - Update May 28, 2008!

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Uploaded: 21st Jan 2008 at 12:05 PM
Updated: 21st May 2010 at 11:18 PM - Added geneticized version. Thanks, krissycokl!

Fwoosh, more eyes! This is a reworking of my last set of eyes, Show Me Love. I did some edits to the iris, and put them on a blend of IcedMango's sclera and my own. And these eyes are what I came up with! There's a total of twenty-three colors, in two styles; Natural and Demon. ^^ I've separated them into different .rar files for you guys, just in case you just want one or the other. :3 Yay for one of my rare moments of organization!

All the eyes have many different colors and shades in them. ^^ I put a lot of time and effort into each eye, trying to make it look real. The eyes have a pretty nifty glow sort-of effect to them, especially the demon ones.

Like the Show Me Love eyes, these eyes are completely hand-painted, save the parts of IcedMango's sclera. ^_^ Thanks to the great people in the Creator's Feedback Forum who helped me on the originals of these eyes. ^_^ A big thanks to IcedMango for the sclera!

Because this was requested, here's default replacements for these eyes! XD; Took me a while to get it to work, but, me and SimPE are on good terms now. :3 Thanks HP for the great tutorial! The .rar file is clearly labelled, so, to use, just extract to your downloads folder. You must remove any other default eyes before you can use these!

EDIT! May 28, 2008 :: krissycokl was nice enough to make Geneticized versions of these eyes~! They will NOT overwrite the originals (they have a "g' added to the end of the filename). The Demon Eyes and the Natural Eyes are seperated into different .RARs; Both start with "GEN". The Demon Eyes are super-recessive. In the Natural colors, the browns/hazels are dominate, and the blues/greens are semi-recessive. ^_^ Again, thanks so much krissycokl for making these! ^^ Hugs for you~!

Model Credits
Anika (female sim)
She's the born-in-game daughter of HystericalParoxysm's Olivia Morana, so half of her genes is courtsey of HP. XD
Skintone by teru_k, same with her eyeshadow. Hair by Nouk. Freckles by RenSim and Alkoid. Brows are by helaene. Eyelashes by Anva. Lips by Bybu.

Moon Eye (male sim)
You can download him here.
Skintone by Louis/Ren. Hair by Nouk. Brows by teru_k. Eye make-up and facemask by myself.

Thanks everyone~! Enjoy these!