Burlesque Corset Outfit Set + New Mesh

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Uploaded: 23rd Jan 2008 at 6:15 AM
Updated: 3rd Oct 2017 at 6:14 AM - had to update a few things like links
This was originally made for a WNF aspiration set.
It is based on an outfit worn by a famous burlesque entertainer named Gypsy Rose Lee back in "old hollywood" days (the 30s/40s i think)

Original Outfit:

The mesh is a combination of warlokk's "rio" bodyshape and al's shoes. It was a difficult mesh to make and the end result was a combined effort between myself, Nouk, and Adele. It was edited quite a bit after the combining so its not just an exact merging of the meshes. The uvmap was edited as much as possible, but as with all high-heels, the uvmap in the foot area isn't perfect.

Face Count: 2508
Vertex Count: 6522
Fat/Preg Morph: Yes

(Feel free to use the mesh as you wish, just make sure to credit-link to my profile, this page, or my website)

There are two outfit choices:
Burlesque Outfit (the patriotic looking one)
Burlesque Outfit -- Xmas Fantasy (its dark green and red with some black)

Each of the rar's has the mesh included. They have a slight bumpmapping. They are labelled as everyday and pj's because someone asked me to make them as both instead of just everyday.

The outfit was made by me with the help of Tyler and Dour...without them (especially Dour), this would never have been made. It was my first real experiment with photoskinning and Dour walked me through the entire process. It took me awhile to make, and it turned out pretty good, I'm pretty proud of it, so although this is a themed item, I hope someone out there will be able to get some use out if it

Looking for more Gypsy options?
has made several outfits for this mesh here: http://www.backalleysims.com/adults...3016#post133016 (adult website, reg. required)
Chris Hatch has made many outfits, including barefoot meshes and a skintone here: http://www.backalleysims.com/adults...h.RHPBxEGg.dpbs and here: http://www.backalleysims.com/adults...h.qAsLBHA3.dpbs (adult website, reg. required)

Polygon Counts:
Face Count: 2508 Vertex Count: 6522
Face Count: 2508 Vertex Count: 6522

Additional Credits:
Tyler: thanks for your help with this set :D
Kat (Dour): thank you for teaching me how to make this set and dumbing down the entire process so I could understand it lol
Nouk and Adele: thank you for being such awesome girls and for helping me with this mesh (who knew it would have turned out to be such a pain? lol)
Thank you to HP, Tig, blake, keirra, nii, and countless others who gave me feedback when I was working on this set
HP and Tig: special thanks for the bodymeshing tutorials that helped me learn how to mesh!
and finally, thank you to any of you that download/comment/thank this item and any of my other ones