Intrepid Class Furniture

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Uploaded: 27th Jan 2008 at 4:30 AM
Updated: 18th Sep 2008 at 12:28 AM
This is the furniture set that goes with the Intrepid Class remodel (already uploaded). This is a set of new bridge consoles, a transporter console, and a new astrometrics display. Each new mesh comes with several color options.
There are 12 new objects, including:
A master systems display (3x1 table) with science station and environment stations (2x1 tables) An interlocking set, but the MSD can be used as a stand-alone object.
Ops and Tactical consoles and displays (4 3x1 tables). Can be used together or as seperates
Conn console (3x1 table), transporter console (2x1 table), 2 duty stations (I have no idea what systems they're supposed to control, 1x1 tables) and an astrometrics display (ceiling lamp). I have been informed that the 2 smaller duty stations are an auxilary science console and an engineering station.

Polygon Counts:
Intrepid Class Ops Display: 78
Intrepid Class Astrometrics Display: 864
Intrepid Class Conn Station: 382
Intrepid Class Duty Station 1: 106
Intrepid Class Duty Station 2: 106
Intrepid Class Master Systems Display: 226
Intrepid Class Environment: 212
Intrepid Class Ops Console: 410
Intrepid Class Science: 212
Intrepid Class Tactical Console:410
Intrepid Class Tactical Display: 78
Intrepid Class Transporter Console: 236