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Robert Hawkwood * handsome indie rocker

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Uploaded: 1st Feb 2008 at 11:50 PM
Updated: 17th Nov 2009 at 9:58 PM
I had no internet one day but had the Bodyshop on so being bored I started making a Sim without any purpose to make a specific one. Basing on the amazing Jean Blonden skintone by Stefan I created a male Sim. After about an half hour the Sim looked so good that I decided to make him perfect so, created eyes, lips and clothing especially for him. The final result is Mr Handsome - Robert Hawkwood :lovestruc To be honest, if he'd be a real person I would totally fall in love with him! Oh, he's gawwwgeous!

I was really bored haha... I even wrote him a short bio:

Robert Hawkwood is 29 and lives in England. Is a musician, plays rhythm guitar in his rock band called Acklay. Robert is an easy-going person with great sense of humour and a bit of rebel inside. He is always the one who starts a talk and the ladies just love him XD Although he had many girlfriends, still haven't found the right and special one. Now his life is fun but, as soon as he'll found the perfect lady and he'll be 100% sure about that, he will start to think serious about marriage and family.

So, girls and boys, take Robert with you to a party and just do your job as matchmaker, who knows, maybe you will find the right woman for him :D

--- --- ---

02.02.2008 EDIT:
I totally forgot that I've made a dark brown recolor of Raonjena hair long long time ago. I was sure it is Raon's hair color I used in my previews but was wrong, lol.
It's my recolor and I re-uploaded the .rar file with the hair. So, please, RE-DOWNLOAD Robert if you want the hair but, you will have to get the mesh to make it appear in your game. Oh silly me!

--- --- ---

The cigarette on one of the previews is photoshoped. I do not promote smoking.

Custom Content by Me:
- Robert Hawkwood
- Robert Hawkwood eyes
- Robert Hawkwood lips
- Nude blush
- Robert Hawkwood clothing

Custom Content Included:
- Skintone by Stefan @ MTS2
- glamorouslounge_male_clothemesh_06 by René @ Glamorous Lounge
- Hair by RaonJena, dark brown recolor by me.