chakaru skins made into defaults

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Uploaded: 4th Feb 2008 at 4:22 AM
Updated: 8th Feb 2008 at 8:26 PM
These skintones done with permission from Chakaru are defaults of her newest set and add-on set. Ghen made these into defaults because frankly I know nothing about making defaults. So these were basically me asking Ghen who we got permission from Chakaru to make these defaults. I also made sure none of the models shown had any blush on so you can see the true color of each skintone. The only makeup they are wearing is eye makeup and lip gloss. (I was also asked both both the creator Chakaru and Ghen who defaulted these to please upload these as both of these folks are busy right now. Sometimes you do things for folks because they mean a lot to you and you bend over backwards to help them.)

These are the skintones we picked out to make defaults. You can see the photo below of the ones that were chosen:

Additional Credits:
Thanks to me for asking Ghen.

Thanks to Ghen for making these defaults <
Thanks to Chakaru for making these skintones in the first place as she does such an awesome job. <for her skintones

You can find the non-default versions here:
Chakaru Non-default skintone
and here:
Dark Skintone Add-ons and even more of her stuff here:
Chakaru's Profile on MTS2

Chakaru Alien Defaults are available here:
Chakaru Alien Defaults by Ghen

Hairs used in photos can be found at these links:
Dark Defaults models hair is by Nouk and can be found here:
Light Defaults models hair is by Nouk and can be found here:
Wicked Nouk Aspiration Gift
(look under aspiration rewards tab)
Tan Default models hair is by Roan and can be found here:
Roan Sims 65
Medium Default Models hair is a Helga Sims edit by LaPink and can be found here:
La Pink and here for mesh file: Helga Sims
Thanks to Nouk, Roan, La Pink and Helga for the hairs used in the photos.