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SF build set : The Next Gen

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Uploaded: 5th Feb 2008 at 4:36 PM
Updated: 13th Jun 2011 at 6:19 PM
A versatile build set for Sci-Fi lovers !

Contains :
- A bunch of walls divided in 6 series:

Basic (20) Classic (12) Technoïd (10) Borgy (12) Trashed (10) Organic (14)

- Some matching floors (32)

- A serie of modulable wall overlay designed to be placed over the walls, recolours of the full height poster (24 + 2 virus from outer space)

- Terrain paint for alien organic ground ! (12)

- Recolours for the kick moulding From Marylou & Numenor to give a SF finishing touch ! (7)

- A few recolours for the full tile jgwhiteus's ceiling (11)

- A collection file

That's 166 files and a lot more of possible combination. I've pruned the originaly planned set (almost double, damn floors!) to avoid indigestion. Still I find it very incomplete : no wall animation, no door recol, no ..

For the Overlays, you'll need the meshe here
For the kick moulding, you'll need the meshes here
for the ceiling, you'll need the meshes here

-Walls : The variation joined are seamless and mixable, which mean they can be placed in any order.
Apart of the Organic serie, categorised in painting, the walls can be found under "siding". Price is 1§.
The Technoïd serie is made out elements from the Techoupage series made by Fringewood aka bog.
Most of the rest of the textures are created by me with extravagant use of filters and tablet drawing.

-Floors : are under misc. The files with "-B" in their names are rotated version as I can't place floors any direction (damn Maxis!, if only somebody could make it work without extension...)

-Overlays : Only the 1-tile poster has been used.
The thumbnails are colored for easy sorting but the Overlays are with transparent zone.
If you like to place the poster without to pick it each time in the catalogue, hold Shift while clicking to place an object.

There's a windows set that perfectly matches this set. Unfortunately it isn't normaly freely avaiable, you can request the references via PM.

Know issue

-Despite my effort I couldn't coordinate walls, floors and ceiling colour perfectly, I start to hate this game engine for that.
-A very thin line may appear as a seam with the "*Trans-" Overlays file, especially when over bright textures.
I can't suppress it completly.

May this work support you creativity !
First check, then eventually comment, thank you,

Additional Credits:
Guest appeance by ExoBot Varia from Brasstex.
thanks to Rowenaenchantress for the SpaceTerrainOnDirt mod.
No photoshopping retouch done on pictures, only collage and text added.