Return of El Bandito and the Stinky Skunk!

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Uploaded: 14th Feb 2008 at 7:08 PM
Updated: 18th Feb 2008 at 4:48 AM
Your sims are sleeping blissfully in their cozy beds. Robber music plays. El Bandito rattles the trashcan, waking everyone up and leaving a stinky mess! That darn El Bandito!

You have just installed Unleashed, and a cute little guy by the name of Henri LeStanc comes by your house. Excited by his adorableness, you send your sim out to pet him and immediately get sprayed! Oh, stinky skunk, why must you spurn my sim-love?!

No more, my friends! No longer will El Bandito and the Stinky Skunk taunt us with their unbearable cuteness all while being un-ownable. Now you can take El Bandito and the Stinky Skunk home as your loving little pets who will never rattle your trashcan or leave you soaked in skunk musk!

The Stinky Skunk has switched species to the Spotted (rather than Striped) Skunk, and El Bandito has put on a few extra pounds from his new life of plenty-o-trashcan pickins, but they're ready to become part of the family now and subject themselves to as much cuddling as you can handle!

Both El Bandito and Stinky Skunk are classified as cat breeds. Please do not upload to pay sites or the exchange. You may use these pets as bases for your own pet creations but please give credit (assuming very little is changed)