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Geneticized! Purplepaws' Maxis Match Skintones

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Uploaded: 24th Feb 2008 at 6:50 PM
Updated: 29th Aug 2008 at 3:51 PM
I have a guilty secret. I like the cartoony Maxis textures.

So I love the Maxis Match skintones made by Purplepaws. They fit very nicely between the Maxis skintones, and not long after I got them I geneticized them so that they work just like the Maxis skintones.

Well, here it is, quite a while later, and I've noticed that there are several people in the original thread asking if Purplepaws is willing to geneticize her skintones. (I guess I'm not the only one with a guilty secret.) So I asked Purplepaws if she would mind if I uploaded the geneticized versions, and she gave permission. (She also gave me permission to cannibalize her awesome skintone-comparison picture.)

So here they are:

You can see the genetic values of the Maxis skintones (.1, .3, .6, and .9), and that I have placed each of the Maxis Match skintones right between them.

If you currently have Purplepaws' non-geneticized versions of these skintones and want to replace them with these, it's easy. I've kept the Family IDs the same, so replacement won't mess up the genetics of your Sims at all. (This also means, however, that you should not use both versions, as they will conflict.) However, I have changed the file names so that they show the genetic value, so you can't just overwrite the old files.

Purplepaws original files had these names:
  • Strawberrypatch_doublelightskin_040606.package
  • Strawberrypatch_lighttanskin_040606.package
  • Strawberrypatch_tanmediumskin_040606.package
  • Strawberrypatch_mediumdarkskin_040606.package
  • Strawberrypatch_doubledarkskin_040606.package

For easy identification in CAS and Body Shop, I've also made sure the tooltips are the same as the (new) filenames.

Now, since 99.9% of the effort that went into these files isn't mine, the policies attached to them are not mine but those of Purplepaws. Anything you were allowed to do with the originals, you are allowed to do with these. Likewise, anything you were not allowed to do with the originals, you may not do with these.