Curvy Heels *New Mesh* plus 4 Hot Recolors

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Uploaded: 25th Feb 2008 at 12:19 PM
Updated: 3rd Oct 2017 at 8:14 AM
I made my first mesh using warlokks 34Ce-36 bodyshape (meaning shes a 34C enhanced--fake perky boobs, with 36 hips) and marvine's heels.

The mesh has a fat and pregnancy morph (sorry no pics of the preg morph but there is a comparison of the fit/fat below). The mesh has the appropriate shoe sounds too.

I modified the bodyshape a bit to make her waist a bit more realistic and to round out her behind a bit. The fat morph I tried to make as realistic as possible since I hate the maxis fat morph.

Vertex Count: 1416
Face Count: 2032

The 4 recolors are available separately below (they each come with the mesh), or you can download the entire set by clicking the one that says "ALL".
Recolors are:
--"Gift" Lingerie (it looks like shes wrapped as a gift--its the first one I made in this bunch so it's probably also the worst)
--Red with Black Lace
--Satin Brocade

Three of them have bikini bottoms and the red/black one has boyshorts, no thongs, yeah that's right your girls will be sexy without showing crack They are available in your game under everyday and pjs--I know some people probably are cringing as they read that, but I had people ask me to do them as both or I wouldn't have :p

You can use the mesh if you want...include it with your stuff as long as you credit-link me i don't care what you do with it.


Polygon Counts:
Vertex Count: 1416 Face Count: 2032
Vertex Count: 1416 Face Count: 2032
Vertex Count: 1416 Face Count: 2032
Vertex Count: 1416 Face Count: 2032
Vertex Count: 1416 Face Count: 2032

Additional Credits:
Tyler: thanks for the sexy bed in my screenies :D
Kat (Dour), Adele, and Kiki (Lasciel): thank you for helping me with all my dumb photoshopping/meshing questions, for source pics, and for your feedback every step of the way
Nouk: thank you for being awesome and for the very lovely hair in my screenies
Marvine and Warlokk: thank you for your wonderful meshes and for allowing me to edit them
Thank you to HP, Tig, #social/#create, keirra, nii, and countless others who gave me feedback when I was working on this set
HP and Tig: special thanks for the bodymeshing tutorials that helped me learn how to mesh!
and finally, thank you to any of you that download/comment/thank this set and any of my other ones