The Jetsons Neighborhood (7 Lots)

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Uploaded: 27th Feb 2008 at 9:55 PM
Updated: 6th Feb 2014 at 1:11 PM

The Jetsons Neighborhood (7 Lots)

UPDATED 3-17-08
-Added Unfurnished Lots (Each contains a few Jetson Build Items)
-Added Jetsons Walls & Floors Set (To Be Used With the Build Set By Jason Duskey)
-Added Link to the Jetsons Build Set by Jason Duskey
-Added Link to The Jetsons Sims by Aligeth
-Play Tested, Updated and FIXED All FURNISHED Jetsons Lots


I "Play Tested" ALL furnished lots by removing all objects and lots from my game and installing each lot fresh to find and tweak unforseen problems. Lots have been updated and issues noted below so you can decide if it's worth re-downloading!

-Play Tested The FURNISHED Jetsons Apartment UPDATED
(Added Another Entrance Near Outside Stairs & Fixed the Tanning Area Above Pool So Sims won't get STUCK)

-Play Tested The FURNISHED Jetsons Meteor Mansion UPDATED
(Added a Fountain on the Ground Level to balance the water that is falling to nowhere!) :D

-Play Tested The FURNISHED Jetsons Businesses I recreated the business lots because the lot itself was corrupt. If you downloaded The Jetsons Businesses lots (Furnished & Unfurnished) BEFORE 3-17-08, PLEASE remove the lot(s) from your game and redownload it/them! The lots are both functional and ready for you to enjoy! Everything is working GREAT now!

-Play Tested The FURNISHED Jetsons Air View Neighborhood UPDATED
(Moved DJ Booth from wall, Added Phones throughout the Lot, Added a Bookshelf to the Living Room, Added a Refrigerator near Grill, Removed extra Grills, Extended the Kitchen 1 tile and added a Juice Bar)

-Play Tested The FURNISHED Shopping Center UPDATED
(Added more Outdoor Lights, Added a Bathroom , Added Taxi Sitting Area, Removed Cashier and Ticket Dispenser from Hair Salon, Moved Pets Inside Pet Store )

-Play Tested The FURNISHED Jetsons Moonlight Retreat UPDATED
Edited and now has 2 Versions: 1 Community Lot and 1 Lodge (Hotel)
Community Lot has No Rooms, but a Banquet Hall / Lodge has Hotel Rooms, Removed Platform Stage from 1st Floor to Stabilize Game Play, Community Lot has a Reading Room / Lodge has Lobby)

-Play Tested The FURNISHED Jetsons Schools UPDATED
(Added a Taxi Waiting Area, Removed Extra Ascension Stair from Little Dipper School)


After watching videos of the Jetsons, I coerced Jason Duskey into making meshes to bring the Jetsons to life. I provided the inspiration, Jason created the meshes, I colored the texture maps, Jason packaged the objects and I created 7 lots (3 residential and 4 community). Teamwork? Each lot lives somewhere between cartoons and reality.

I know lot designing can LOOK easy, but this collection took a LOT of energy! I welcome any and all feedback and comments on this collection BEFORE and AFTER you add the lot(s) to your game. -stephanie b.



Sky Pad Apartment: (Home to the Jetson Family)

FURNISHED / 4 x 4 Lot / §314,847 / 3 Stories plus Ground Level / Swimming Pool / Contains Most Custom Content Than ALL other lots / (allow ample loading time) / 2 Separate Buildings / Henry's Garage, Office, Work Space and Bathroom / Astro's Doghouse / Kitchen, Dining, Music Area, T.V. Lounge, Office, Elevator Tube, 1 Bathroom / George & Jane's Bedroom / Judy's Bedroom / Elroy & Astro's Bedroom / 2 Bathrooms) / Exercise Room & Party Room

Air View Neighborhood Condo: (See Attached Image)
FURNISHED / 4 x 4 Lot / §203,936 / 3 Stories plus Ground Level / Swimming Pool / Garden / Lake / 2 Bedrooms (Sleeps 5), Kitchen & Dining Area / Game Room / Sauna & Restroom (3 Showers, 1 Sauna, 2 Toilets, 2 Sinks), Family Room (with television and 2 Computer Areas)

Meteor Manor Mansion:

FURNISHED / 4 x 4 Lot / §247,476 / 3 Stories plus Ground Level / Swimming Pool / 2 Car Parking / Living Room Area / Dining Room Area / Kitchen / Office / 2 Bedrooms / 4 Bathrooms / Family Room (with Breakfast Area) / Barbecue Pit Area / Gardens



Little Dipper School and Orbit High School : (See Attached Image)
FURNISHED / 4 x 4 Lot / §0 / 3 Buildings / 2 Bathrooms (10 Toilets) / 2 Parks
Little Dipper School:
Classroom (Reading, Video Games, Painting) / Lunchroom (Restaurant)
Orbit High School:
Gym with 3 Showers, Swimming Pool, Bowling Field, Principal's Office, Classroom (Bookstore, Computer Lab), Barbecue Area
Galaxy Library:
(Computer Lab, Library and Book Store)

Shopping Center : (See Image Below)
FURNISHED / 4 x 4 Lot / §0 / 3 Stories plus Ground Level) / 5 Buildings / Clothing Store / Pet Store / Cafeteria / Hair Shop / Grocery Store / Park

Moonlight Retreat : (Has 3 Versions)

FURNISHED / Includes a Furnished Version COMMUNITY LOT, a Furnished Version LODGE, and a Unfurnished Version / 4 x 4 Lot / §0 / Lodge is a Hotel / Community Lot has a Banquet Room / Outdoor Fun and Games / Outdoors: Swimming Pool, Bowling Lanes, Log Rolling, Ax Throwing, Chess, Darts, Ice Skating, Spa, Garden / Indoors: Sleeping, Entertainment Stage, Dining Room, Kitchen, Restrooms (7 Stalls), 7 Showers, Rooms (Sleeps 7)

Spacely Space Sprockets Inc. and Cogswell Cogs Businesses:

FURNISHED / 4 x 4 Lot / §0 / Business Lots/ 2 Buildings / Spacely Space Sprockets Inc. contains Mr. Spacely's Office, 2 Offices for George Jetson / Robot & Toy Factory and Restrooms / Cogswell Cogs contains a Reception Room & Lobby, A Cafeteria & Robot Factory, Restrooms and Mr. Cogswell's Office / There are computers available, books, video games, food, etc.)


Other Information:

I promised NOT to make a big deal out of your contribution J-, but I am beyond grateful for your help. Initially, I only wanted 1 or 2 objects. It turned into a small collection that inspired my 1 lot to become 7. I want to thank you sincerely for enduring my perfectionist behavior and creating meshes that were exactly as I envisioned them to be. I LUV the signs, the domes, the chairs, the decorative lights and especially the desks! I love it all! You're status of importance in my life has reached a new height and I treasure the friendship we have. Thank you.
Link to the Jetsons Build Set:

Thank you to the following artists for helping to bring this Sim COLLECTION to life: Targa, Frillen, buggybooz, Stonetower, Rebecah, Niol, Lasciel, Rocca, Ewelina, Sarkissian, Cameronsnan, 24SimsRoad, Ailias, WitchyWoman, mzcynnamon, mia86, Numenor, Kate at Parsimonious, Xanathon and Jason Duskey . Be sure to browse the links at the end of the post for other fabulous downloads by each artist!

I have included the bedding and painting in the Apartment and Retreat zips.
- Abstract Sarkissian Paintings
- Abstract Cameronsnan Paintings
- Abstract Ewelina Paintings
- Bedding by ROCCA
- Bedding by LASCIEL

I used the Invisible Tile by Frillen and the Ascension Stairs (in invisible mode) by Targa to achieve a "futuristic" look and feel. Simply click on where you want your Sims to go and they will take the shortest route there!

Please keep in mind I used new meshes and built 1-3 levels above the ground. Because of these things, it may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to load the FIRST TIME you enter each lot. After that, loading time should normalize depending how much "juice" your computer has.

Please understand that I LOVE build mode and garden Custom Content as it often helps to bring my lots to life. While I try not to include too many custom based objects in my game, they will more often than not be a part of my lots. I mainly use windows, doors, fencing, roofing, flowers and my textures (walls, floors & ground covers). On occasion, I may use a specific furniture set if I am creating a theme-based lot. Also keep in mind that when there are multiple downloads on the page, the custom content is spread out between all of the lots. If you prefer not to use custom content, simply use the SIMS2PACK to uncheck the objects you don't want in your game. Keep in mind, doing so may COMPLETELY change the "look" of the lot with build mode items.

* Jetson Family Sims (George, Jane, Judy, Elroy & Astro)
Link to Jetson Family by Aligeth:
* While this driveable UFO is not a Jetsons Vehicle, it adds to the Jetson Neighborhood:

* Mr. and Mrs. Spacely Sims
* Mr. Cogswell Sim

Sky Lab Apartment Lot Size: 4 x 4
Air View Community Condo Lot Size: 4 x 4
Meteor Manor Mansion Lot Size: 4 x 4

Sky Lab Apartment Lot Price: §314,847
Air View Community Condo Lot Price: §203,936
Meteor Manor Mansion Lot Price: §247,476

Little Dipper School and Orbit High School Lot Size: 4 x 4
Shopping Center Lot Size: 4 x 4
Moonlight Retreat Lot Size: 4 x 4
Spacely Space Sprockets Inc. and Cogswell Cogs Businesses Lot Size: 4 x 4

All Community Lots Price: §0

Custom Content by Me:
- Blue Gravel Terrain
- Clouds 1 Terrain
- Disturbed Snow Terrain
- Jetsons Floors Set (8 used)
- Jetsons Walls Set (30 Used)
- Lake H2O A Terrain
- Moon Rock 3 Terrain
- Moon Rock 4 Terrain
- Moon Rock 5 Terrain
- Quidditch Grass 1 Floor
- Quidditch Grass 2 Floor
- Quidditch Grass 3 Floor
- Snow Natural Terrain
- Snow Sprinkles Terrain

Custom Content Included:
- "Ascension V2" -by Targa by Targa
- "Hydrosphere Bathroom Set" by Kate at Parsimonious
- "Living Lunar Build Set" by Kate at Parsimonious
- "Lune Attic" Wall Lamp by Kate at Parsimonious
- "Mobeus" Aquarium by Kate at Parsimonious
- "Oxygen" Dining Table & Chair by Kate at Parsimonious
- "Statement" Artwork by Kate at Parsimonious
- Blue Transparent Tile by niol
- Cargo Cannisters by Jason Duskey
- Edge Smoothers by Ailias
- Invisible Driveway by WitchyWoman
- Invisible Tile by Frillen
- Invisible Window & Diagonal by rebecah
- Jetson Sign & Recolors Jason Duskey
- Jetsons Columns & Recolors by Jason Duskey
- Jetsons Desk & Recolors Jason Duskey
- Jetsons Display Light & Recolors by Jason Duskey
- Jetsons Domes, Rings, Arches & Recolors by Jason Duskey
- Jetsons Egg Chair (Dining) by Jason Duskey
- Jetsons Rugs (Micro and Small) by Jason Duskey
- Modern Glass Fence (Low) by Ailias
- Modern Pediment by Ailias
- Other World Plant Set by Kate at Parsimonious
- Prida Embossed Window No.1 by stonetower
- Simple modern Structure Staircase by Ailias
- Valerie Wilson Paintings by 24SimsRoad
- Verdant Velvet Garden Plant Set by buggybooz
- Wall Window Glass Set (Version 3- Boundary, Window, Door, Arch & Columns) by Numenor
- Xanathon HighTech Lightpanel Type "V" (floor version) by xanathon
- Xanathons Magic Sphere by xanathon