Borg Starter Cube: Assimilation in its Primary Phase

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Uploaded: 3rd Mar 2008 at 12:58 AM
Updated: 2nd May 2009 at 4:25 AM
Title: Borg Starter Cube: Assimilation in its Primary Phase

Cost: §19,972
Lot Size: 2 x 1


This Borg residential outpost provides many of the basic technologies required for scouts to subsist in alien environments with non-conforming ecologies. Adaptable to a variety of terrains, the module is equipped with phased entry portals and shielded solar filters to provide high survivability during first contact. Should a breach occur, an interior security control device has been replicated behind the refrigeration unit.

Level 1 provides basic facilities for those species who require biological ingestion. An integral fire control system ensures that unscheduled flammation events will be extinguished without unauthorized intrusion. As an interim measure, conventional communications is provided by a low technology device located near the rear bulkhead.

The study of primitive cultures is facilitated through a data bank of artifacts referred to as "books". During otherwise non-productive periods, drones may express visual imagery on a large surface intended for that purpose, provided such images conform with preauthorized hive standards. Infiltration of primitive network protocols will progress through a locally adapted desktop device. Lastly, Level 1 provides an audio information projector to facilitate interfacing with various species in the pre-assimilation phase.

Levels 2 and 3 are accessed via a Targan vertical field generator. On Level 2 a dispenser contains conformal attire suitable for conducting EVAs. Hygienic and regenerative facilities are available through standard Borg portals. A phased portal provides control of a temporary holding cell for resistive species in the early stages of assimilation. Immature lifeforms may also be accommodated in the event of reproductive replication.

On Level 3, the upper hull provides future opportunities for celestial observation. As resources are accrued, a space dock may be established on the terrain to the left of the residential module, suitable for accommodating scout class units such as these from Wintermuteai1.

Extensive use has been made of technologies assimilated from Wirelessguy, Xanathon, Eddief66, Rebecah, and Targa. This uploaded module is newly synthesized, allowing drones to adjust the contents without wasting resources. The hive has had excellent results with analogous units. MTS2 is our primary distribution system: the replication of this unit through other collectives is not permitted.

Primary Technologies

Recolours, floors and walls from the Wirelessguy Droid/Borg Inspired Set (link currently non-functional)
Floors and walls from Xanathon's The Borg Collection
The base game compatible Invisible Door from eddief66
Rebecah's base game compatible Invisible Window
Targa's Ascension Squared elevator

Supplemental Technologies

The Numenorian BaseGameStarter Pro, for pre-contact simulations
The 1 x 2 Residential Mini Lot by Andi8104
Microsoft Photo Editor, for processing the uploaded imagery