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- Naruyama Springs Inn - Asian Inspired Spa Hotel

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Uploaded: 3rd Mar 2008 at 9:09 PM
Updated: 13th Oct 2008 at 3:53 PM by mike19
The Naruyama Springs Inn is a luxurious hotel with an ample garden where you can find old trees, lots of flowers and ponds with waterfalls and a bridge. The hot springs are a perfect place to relax! I built this hotel as another part of my Naruyama-Set (see my downloads for the Naruyama manor!) and it has the same complex pagoda roof that are much more individual than the roofs that came with BV.

There are two different room categories:
-Lotus Rooms (§568-614 per night) and the
-YinYang Suite (§1229 per night) for very pretentious guests

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Lot Size: 4x5
Lot Price: -/- (Hotel)

Custom Content Included:
- japanese ajisai white by reica15
- Fugly Fern by buggybooz
- The Mumbo Jumbo Grass by buggybooz
- Lilies by macarossi
- Cleome by macarossi
- Hibiscus coccineus RECOLOR (bleu) by alex_stanton1983
- Hibiscus coccineus by alex_stanton1983
- Mosaic PLant by macarossi
- Pond Rocks by macarossi
- Protea by macarossi
- Taro by macarossi
- Mossy rock by Lethe_s
- Pond Collection2007 by macarossi
- Verbascum by macarossi
- Vincas by macarossi
- by DOmiNICZKAhttp://forimsims.2design.pl  by DOmiNICZKA
- Pond Waterfall Base Game by macarossi