Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast - TSS Required

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Uploaded: 6th Mar 2008 at 4:52 AM
Updated: 6th May 2009 at 5:21 AM - Explaining that candle mesh if from Teen Style Stuff
***Cogsworth can be found in my downloads as well!!!***

This isn't a perfect replica of Lumiere, I couldn't find a closer mesh, but I think this will do.

This is a recolor of the gothic candle from Teen Style Stuff.

The texture is OK, when I saved it, it became a little pixelated around the nose. Sorry 'bout that.
If anyone knows where to find a closer mesh, feel free to tell me about it.

I tried to make him look like the cartoon version, and make him look realistic at the same time.
(If it's possible to make an enchanted, talking candle realistic. lol )

The mesh makes the face appear on both sides of the candle.

Once again, this requires Teen Style Stuff.
It is a recolor of the Gothic candle.

Anyway, Please enjoy!

Please do not take credit for this object.
You may include this in stories and movies, and it would be nice if I was given credit.
Please do not upload this to any website.
Please do not include this in any lots uploaded to any website, EXCEPT for MTS2, but please PM me and let me know (I like to see what people do with my work).

Cogsworth can be found in my downloads

Also coming, Mrs. Potts, Chip + other cup children, and Belle's wardrobe.

You can find Belle, the Beast (Beast and Prince versions), and Gaston in Denise_316's downloads. They look AMASING!