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15 Recolors of Cloudlessnights Teen Style Gym Wear for Adults (Now Everyday Wear)

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Uploaded: 10th Mar 2008 at 12:09 AM
Updated: 14th Mar 2008 at 1:54 PM
This is 15 recolors of Cloudlessnights Teen Style Athletic outfits converted for Adults but Now Everyday Wear With Shoes. I have had several request for these so here you go...Hope everyone likes! You MUST download Cloudlessnights mesh cloudlessnights_TSConversionsGymclothes for these recolors to work in your game!! All recolors are found under Everyday and require no expansion or stuff packs to work.

Recolors listed from left to right, as shown in picture below:
Row 1: Argyle, Blue Brown, Camo, Coral Stripes, Floral Brown, Floral Peach
Row 2: Grey Dots, Lilac Dots, Pink Brown Dotted
Row 3: Pink Stripes, Red Olive Stripes, Stars, Turq Green, Turq Orange, Yellow Dots

Additional Credits:
All Content Free!
Mesh by Cloudlessnights
Hair by Raonsims
Skin by Louis
Eyes by Bruno
Makeup by Barcelonista & Bruno
Eyebrows by Barcelonista
Poses by Decorgal

Thanks to All Creators!!

Please respect and appreciate my work by NOT redistributing it! I have worked very hard on all of my creations!

If you want to make a suggestion, please send me a PM and I'll consider it. No guarantees though! I have a long list of recolors I'm currently working on. Please be patient, my time is limited so I can only concentrate on them during the weekends.