Star Wars Legacy: Part 1 Cade, Deliah & Syn

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for Cade you'll need to get his hair here

for Deliah the mesh for her pants is here and her hair is #038 in blue here

for Syn the mesh for his hair is the Male Beaded Dreads here

Cade Skywalker
"You're a Skywalker, Cade! Act like one!" -Kol Skywalker to his son

Descendent from powerful Force users Anakin and Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade (...and Ben Skywalker too) Cade is the son of Jedi Master Kol Skywalker and Morrigan Corde. His father died when he was fourteen and the Sith attacked the Jedi Temple on Ossus. Opting to stay behind and fight, Cade was left for dead and later recovered the pirate Rav. In his time aboard Rav's ship he became close friends with Jariah Syn. The two later worked together along with Deliah Blue as bounty hunters, until a chance meeting with former Princess Marasiah Fel caused the group to get tangled in battle against the new Sith Order. While he has forsaken the ways of the jedi (leading him to be haunted by ghosts of his ancestors including both Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker) he is very strong with the Force, possessing ability to bring people back from the edge of death by dipping into the dark side of the Force.

Deliah Blue
"Go to sleep pretty Jedi. Deliah needs new boots."- Deliah Blue

Female Zeltron, skilled mechanic, bounty hunter, and occasional lover of Cade Skywalker, Deilah is well known for her skimpy wardrobe and sharp tongue.

Jariah Syn
"And Syn, I want them to go "Boom""
""Boom" is always good!" -Morrigan Corde and Jariah Syn

Bounty hunter, weapons expert, and 'close' friend of Cade Skywalker. His father was killed by a Jedi, causing Syn to develop a strong hatred towards all Jedi. When he finally learned Cade possessed Jedi abilities he threatened his friend with a blaster

Custom Content by Me:
- Deliah Blue Pants
- Zeltron (Deliah Blue) Skin
- Deliah Blue Top
- Cade Skywalker
- Cade Skywalker Stubble
- Cade Skywalker Clothes
- Syn Hair recolor
- Leonidas eye bags
- Jariah Syn Clothes

Custom Content Included:
- Moonlight - 'Titania' - [email protected] by bruno
- Kajal - Armi (blue) - [email protected] by bruno
- VenomLips -Belladonna- [email protected] by bruno
- Ephemera_0814EyeBrow by helaene
- Eyelights - Full Audience - [email protected] by bruno
- Eyebrows by @Stefan
- Moonlight - 'Ophelia' - [email protected] by bruno
- skin march 07 - color 1 - barbie by oepu
- KyliEyes - In Your Eyes - [email protected] by bruno
- Eyebrows by @Stefan
- Just Lips ~Tan~ by A.S.K. by AtomicSpaceKitty
- skin march 07 - color 7 - barbie by oepu

Additional Credits:
Marie, Cav, mMathab