Star Wars Legacy: Part 3 Darth Talon & Astraal Vao

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Uploaded: 10th Mar 2008 at 11:38 PM
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sorry bout the delay >.< these went up with the others, but yet again "clean" installer was operating as advertised. so, hopefully it 'worked' this time. anywho here we go...

for both Twi'leks you'll need the lekku mesh here

for Talon her loin cloth requires a mesh from here and her boots are the MetroidBoots.rar from here

for Astraal her top needs ShoulderCuffs.rar mesh from here

Darth Talon
"I am Darth Talon… I am my master's hand… I am your death." -Darth Talon

Talon was a deadly Sith assasin and one of only two Hands of Darth Krayt. The list of those she's killed include her own Master as well as that of Marasiah Fel.

Astraal Vao
"Being a missionary is right for me, Shado, just as being a jedi is right for you." Astraal Vao to her brother.

Astraal was a female Twi'lek who worked as an Imperial Missionary. Her twin brother Shado was a Jedi padawan alongside Cade when the temple on Ossus was attacked who survived and went on to continue his training. Astraal was on the planet Socorro with the princess when it came under attack.

Custom Content by Me:
- Darth Talon
- Darth Talon by aymo87 (oepu base)
- Darth Talon clothing
- Lekku recolor
- Astraal Vao
- Astraal Vao face makeup
- Astraal/Shado Vao skin
- Astraal Vao top
- Astraal Vao pants

Custom Content Included:
- Sith Eyes (JoanneDyer recolor) by JoanneDyer
- Kajal - Riitta (black) - [email protected] by bruno
- Torskläppar - Tekla - [email protected] by bruno
- Ephemera_0814EyeBrow by helaene
- KyliEyes - Made of Glass - [email protected] by bruno
- Torskläppar - Hulda - [email protected] by bruno
- Keira's Lashes by Bruno @ MTS2 by bruno