The "Dolly" Hover Home

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Uploaded: 13th Mar 2008 at 8:52 PM
Updated: 30th Sep 2008 at 2:10 AM
Well, I didn't get this done on time for the Sci-Fi challenge due to family illness, but I spent a lot of time preparing this unique home and the unusual walls and ground covers that come with it, so I wanted to upload it anyway.

The home "hovers" above a medium 4x3 lot that features a space-like cut-out that the driveways are "suspended" over.
The price is 80,019 simoleans.
There are 2 large bathrooms.
There are 4 large bedrooms on the second floor.
There is a kitchen, living room, study/entertaining area on the first floor.
There is even a special platform on the roof for the sims to study the skies or just load it up to party with outdoor effects!
I hope you all get a kick out of this one!
I will start off by listing the items included that I created:

Walls: Boy Star Wallpaper
Industrial Aluminum Wall Panels
Chrome Diamond Wall Panels
Transcendent Gold Wallpaper
Modern Glass Wall Tiles
"Alienated" Wallpaper

Floors: "Diamonds" carpet in cornflower blue

Groundcovers: Lakeshore Stones
"Space Cadet"
Gold Stars

The items included not created by me are as follows:

Stairs are by Targa "Ascension Squared" found here- "Ascension Squared" stairs

Windows and custom doors that are not Maxis are by Numenor found here: Numenor's Wall/window glass set V3

Also, you will notice in the screenshots of the "Universe" terrain beneath the house, there is an awesome lamp set of the planets that is not included in the download by Tazmanoregon found here: 10 Solar System Lights -make sure you check this out if you want to add them to your lot! They look awesome lit up over the star terrain!

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: 80,019

Custom Content by Me:
- Beautiful diamond-shaped pattern in a soothing, cool, cornflower blue color! Kalamity_katie 
- Lakeshore stones
- Gold stars!
- Space Cadet Groundcover
- Star wallpaper for the little man!Kalamity_Katie 
- Specially treated, engineered, and designed to withstand the effects of weather, extreme conditions, and even outer-space! Not to bad to look at either and you can still hang an old-fashioned picture on it!Kalamity_Katie  
- Shiny, chrome walls that are tough and nice to look at! kalamity_katie 
- You just can't take your eyes off of it! Is it drawing you towards it? Is it moving? Is it safe to go near? Of course, you won't know unless you have it on your walls! Enjoy!Kalamity_Katie 
- Glass tiles give the illusion of glass block windows with a modern style and smokey color. Perfect for bathrooms! Kalamity_Katie 
- Alienated, yet elegant for your sims of galactical enthusiasm, or maybe just loving the green. Kalamity_Katie 

Custom Content Included:
- Seamless WallWindow - Curved 135° (diagonal) - by Numenor by Numenor
- Seamless WallWindow - Curved 135° - by Numenor by Numenor
- Seamless WallWindow Curved Door 135° - by Numenor by Numenor
- Seamless WallWindow - Slanted (left junction) - by Numenor by Numenor
- Seamless WallWindow - Slanted (right junction) - by Numenor by Numenor
- Seamless WallWindow - Slanted (straight) - by Numenor by Numenor
- Standard WallWindow (diagonal) - by Numenor by Numenor
- "Ascension Squared" -by Targa by Targa

Additional Credits:
I really want to thank Targa, Numenor, and Tazmanoregon for their awesome items that helped make this "spaced-out" house possible.
Your items are awesome and you are very generous to allow their inclusion!
I hope that everyone takes the time to visit the links I provided to your great works.