Wood Recolours of ‘Sun King Drawers’ and ‘Dynasty Dresser 2

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Uploaded: 21st Mar 2008 at 9:03 PM

I recently noticed that there are two dressers I’ve been overlooking that lend themselves to my Medieval theme. I am not fond of the overly red-brown wood grains by Maxis, so I changed hues and brightness levels to get these.

Since I made the recolours as matching sets, I chose to post them together and clearly list requirements.

Please note the mesh requirements below!

There are six recolours of the “Dynasty Dresser 2”.
Six recolours of “Sun King Drawers”. Clean Installer will let you see the actual wood grain hues so you can choose what you want.

All EPs including Seasons is installed on the game in which items tested successfully.

Mesh are Maxis

Dynasty Dresser 2 is from the Base game.

Sun King Drawers is a Maxis mesh that requires OFB Expansion Pack.

Additional Credits:
Creators of SimPE