Matching Wolf Accessory Recolors for Genensims Furries

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Uploaded 22nd Mar 2008 at 1:55 AM · Updated 17th Apr 2008 at 12:57 AM by WatersMoon110

I love Genensims' Furry Skins. And I love any accessories that have to do with making a more realistic furry. So, I've been working on a project that has spanned over a year, to get the best furry sims that I can.

This is Part One of my Furry Sim Project. See Part Two, my Matching Animal Kingdom recolors, here.
NEW! Find my Geneticised Versions of Genensims' Furry Skins here!

These are matching recolors of GeneralZoi's amazing wolf parts from the Animal Pack Pt. 2. I have recolored them to match all of the natural solid and unnatural solid furry skins from Genensims.

White Wolf Toddler:

On this I recolored the nose, and the face fur. Genensims did the skin (obviously), the tail, and the ears.

Red Wolf and Black Wolf:

For the red, I did the ears, nose, face fur, arm fur and the tail. For the black, I did the nose, face fur, and arm fur. Genesims did the skins, and the black ears and tail.

Grey Wolf Teen:

I recolored all the parts, Genesims did the skin.

Brown Wolf Boy:

I recolored all the parts, Genesims did the skin.

I'm very new to this whole uploading thing, as this is my first upload, ever.

Additional Credits:
Genensims - for making the amazing furry skins.
GeneralZoi - for making the Animal Packs, including the amazing wolf accessories.
Maxis - for making the Sims 2.

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