Nouk "Jessica" Hair Edits -- No Bow!

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Uploaded 30th Mar 2008 at 7:15 PM · Updated 3rd Oct 2017 at 5:50 AM by ~Jessica~

A few people have been saying they love Nouk's new hair she made for me, but they would like it alot better without the bow.
I decided I would not only remove the bow, but do some recolors too. Unfortunately the recolors are taking longer than I planned lol so this is just the alpha-edits for now.

These are the exact same colors/textures Nouk used, the only difference is the bow has been removed and is now just a simple band.

They are all binned thanks to Migamoo, since I tried binning and failed lol
The toddler and child ages have been removed because they dont use the mesh.

So now you have a choice between bow...or no bow

I left them in separate rar's because I figured people wouldn't want to download one huge rar just to get two or three colors.
If you want all of them, please download the rar that says "ALL".


Additional Credits:
Tyler: special thanks for the dress the Adele Sim is wearing in my preview pics
Ghanima and Adele: thank you for your self-sims, they turned out to be great models!
Kat (Dour), Adele, Kiki (Lasciel), and Ashley (migamoo): thank you for helping me with all my dumb photoshopping/meshing questions on everything I make lol
Nouk: my partner in crime, thanks for everything, and special thanks for making the mesh!
Blake: thank you for testing out this set in-game
and finally, thank you to any of you that download/comment/thank this set and any of my other ones