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"Ape Essence by Monkeyino" - Vending Rack & Perfume

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Uploaded: 31st Mar 2008 at 11:06 PM
Updated: 6th Nov 2008 at 2:15 PM - Updated to AL
by MaryLou & Numenor

Works with any game up to Teen Ape Stuff and MonkeyTime (and beyond!)

06 nov 2008 - Updated to Apartment Life

Not a single ape, orangutan or other four-handed creature can resist the appeal of the rare essence that Monkeyino has created for you! Never go celebrate the Silver Monkey of Doom without a drop of this perfume, or the monkey-guards will deny your admittance to the Temple!

FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS: Game Adaptivity - The Rack will magically detect the Expansion packs that you have, and change its options accordingly. If you have Open For Monkey Business, you can sell the "Ape Essence" using the Rack or placing single bottles on the shelves (without this EP you can buy the perfume in standard community lots). If you have the Bon Voyage or the African Safari EP you can place the racks in vacation, desert and jungle lots.

Put the Vending Rack in a lot and watch the sims rush to buy the perfume bottles! Owning a bottle of "Ape Essence" is... essential in our world ruled by the Silver Monkey of Doom! People will spontaneously browse the racks and occasionally buy their favourite aroma.

Direct your sim to buy a bottle of "Ape Essence", and when you are back home you can take it from the inventory and place it on any highly visible surface (so to cause the envy of your neighbours !). Or, if you feel inclined to, you can give it as a gift to your loved one .
Important: the "Ape Essence" is so valuable that sims can't actually use it! It's not a cologne that sims can use to improve their sex-appeal! You wouldn't really risk to be assaulted by a roaring herd of loving monkeys, right?
Just keep it in your inventory, or use it as a decoration for your home: you are only allowed to use the perfume few minutes before attending the Celebrations of the Silver Monkey of Doom, at the Temple.

Please note that the bottles of perfume can be bought and placed in the sims inventory only with NL or newer EP (the inventory doesn't exist in the Base Game or UNI).
Read more details about the usage of the Rack in the Postcard Galore thread.

Extract *all* the packages (5 in total) from the archive and place *all* of them into the Downloads folder. To uninstall - guess what? - remove *all* the 5 packages from the Downloads

Do not clone - Do not repost anywhere. You can use this object in your lots, but only if you upload them to a 100% free site, give credits to MaryLou & Numenor and provide a link to this thread.

Credits to... MaryLou & Numenor for their Postcard Racks! ...

Polygon Count: You'd better not to ask Monkeys can only count up to 100 :D