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[OUTDATED] The "CEP" v. 7.0d (31 Dec 2007)

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Uploaded: 27th Sep 2005 at 3:46 AM
Updated: 27th Nov 2013 at 10:27 PM by Nysha
The "CEP" - Color Enable Package v. 7.0d - 31 Dec 2007
Available for Windows and MacOS X users



This thread is being closed down, and will serve for
reference only. Post any question, bug repost or any
CEP-related request at the Official CEP Page.


The CEP v7 enables colour options for Maxis objects shipped with:
The Sims 2 (base game) - University - Nightlife - Open for Business - Family Fun Stuff
Glamour Life - Pets - Seasons - Bon Voyage (plus selected objects from
Celebration, H&M Fashion, Christmas Pack 2005 and Festive Pack 2006).
It can safely be used by *ALL* users, with *ANY* game configuration

31 Dec 2007 - CEP v. 7.0d released (Bugfix for the base-game Chess Board)
26 Dec 2007 - CEP v. 7.0c released (More "Holiday 2005/2006" + Fixes)

(Read details on Post #3)

Read the CEP Licence Agreement on Post #2

Read the CEP News & Details on Post #3

Read the CEP Frequently Asked Questions on Post #4

If you want to be sure not to miss a CEP update, subscribe to the CEP Updates Notification Thread

If you like this enhancement for your Sims2 game, consider to make a DONATION to either Numenor Moddings or ModTheSims2


The CEP can be installed automatically (Windows users only), or manually (Mac users, and anyone who wants to have total control on what happens on their computers )
  • Automatic installation (Windows users only) - Download the file "CEP_Windows-AutoInstaller.zip" and unpack it on your desktop. Double-click on the installer (CEP_Setup.exe) and the CEP files will be automatically copied in the proper folders (any older CEP version will be uninstalled).
    To uninstall, use the "Add/Remove Program" applet, in the Windows control panel.

  • Manual Installation (Windows and MacOS X Users) - Download the file "CEP_Windows+MAC_Manual-Installation.zip"; unpack the zip on a temporary folder. Open the temporary folder, and you'll find all the needed files, along with detailed instructions (for Win and Mac) that will guide you in the manual installation.
    To uninstall, remove all the CEP files from your system, following the instruction provided in the same text file you used for the installation.

  • OPTIONAL: CEP Documentation - In addition to one of the ZIPs listed above (auto- or manual installation), you may find useful to optionally download and read one or more of the following documents:
    • (OPTIONAL)_CEP_Documentation.zip: mainly destinated to creators. The archive contains (in Excel and PDF format) a complete list of ALL the objects released by Maxis (except minor SP), with useful notes about their structure, and cloning/recolouring tips.
    • (SUGGESTED)_CEP_Recolour_Instructions.zip: strongly suggested to *all users*. It contains (in PDF format) some special instructions about applying recolours to particular objects.
    • (OPTIONAL)_CEPv7_Official_Icon_Set.zip: for webmasters and CEP enthusiasts The archive contains all the official icons and banners for the CEP7.


By now, the CEP is updated and supported by Numenor alone.
But major credits go to RGILES and QUAXI for having invented and created with me the first CEP, that still "survives" into the current CEP7.
Very special thanks to QUAXI for his valuable tool SimPE and for his great kindness and patience
Thanks to MaryLou for the help in testing the CEP, for fixing wonderfully the UV-map of the Toilet Stall and for the Official CEP Icon set (and thanks again to Rentechd and SimplyStella for the previous icon sets)
Last but not least, many thanks to IgnorantBliss for the countless hours spent on updating the CEP List