Newbie Road 105-114 -- Set of 10 mini starters

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Uploaded 4th Apr 2008 at 11:53 AM · Updated 21st Sep 2008 at 5:32 PM by plasticbox

Requires NL+OfB+Seasons.

Ten starters on 1x2 mini lots that are designed to make the most of a very small space while still being playable and realistic. They form a little alley when placed next to each other and look very pretty in neighbourhood view -- they're similar enough from the outside to not look messy, but have a variety of different floorplans. The set includes three starter businesses and a tiny farmhouse, so it's like a small village on the space of one large regular lot.

All lots are furnished for at least 2 sims with at least the usual starter equipment; most of the houses have some extras on top. Businesses are equipped and ready to play. All of the houses have porches or balconies and a driveway in front of the house; for larger gardens you can expand them with Mootilda's LotExpander. Cars on the screenshots are not included, they only show where the driveway is.

Basements are now even more unannoying! Not only do they have permanently non-filled-in windows, they're also better viewable in walls-down view, thanks to the CoverUpSlope fence that allows for basements inside regular walls (not just foundations).

All lots are thorougly playtested (copies of course, not the actual downloads). See follow-up posts for descriptions and screenshots of each one.

Files below:

Since all lots are basically using the same custom content, I've wrapped it up in one unified zip and packaged the individual lots without CC -- that way, people who want more than one of them don't need to download the CC umpteen times. This post has:

- -- everything there is (all of the lots plus CC)
- -- only the CC, for those who just want some of the lots

See the follow-up posts below for zips of the individual lots.

Custom content:

What's contained in

- One door and two windows from the IndividualExpressions Extension Set by MaryLou @ MTS2, from this and this thread
- Three windows from the Belhooven Extension Set by MaryLou @ MTS2, from this thread
- White recolors of the Mullionaire door and Belhooven window by MysticMog @ MTS2, from this thread

- Open Underneath Steadfast Stairs by crocobaura @ MTS2, from this thread
- Recolorable Wooden Deck Stairs by Numenor @ MTS2, from this thread
- Recolorable Wooden Deck Stairs by Reyn @ MTS2, from this thread
- One deck stair recolor by justmoi @ MTS2, from this post
- One deck stair recolor by nengi65 @ MTS2
- One deck stair recolor by Reyn @ MTS2, from this thread

Please see the threads linked above for installation instructions -- the lots will work just fine if you don't install the stairs properly, but you won't be able to select or change them or use them in other lots (they won't show up in the catalogue, which is what the installation procedure is for).

- One wallpaper by larsson1970 @ MTS2
- One wallpaper by myself

- Timber Column and lattice by Reyn @ MTS2, from this thread
- Recolour of Reyn's lattice by the_alien_among_us @ MTS2, from this thread
- Victorian Porch Fence by HolySimoly, from this page
- Ceiling rim and white recolour by 4ESF, from this page
- CoverUpSlope fence and recolours by d_unit @ MTS2, from this thread
- Invisible Driveway recolour by frillen, from this page

Buy Mode - Recolors:
- Maxis Piano recolor by mizmugs @ MTS2, from this thread
- White recolor of the Maxis cheap stove by WebbyMom @ MTS2


- All of the authors of the CC listed above, for making it and especially for allowing it to be redistributed
- MaryLou for these mini lots
- aelflaed for these mini lots

Have fun!

Number of bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: Build content only
Furnishings: Starter Furnishings