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-Catalog Clean Up Mod- Buy Mode Rearranged -UPDATED-

by Phaenoh Posted 4th Apr 2008 at 8:01 PM - Updated 8th Jan 2013 at 6:27 PM by Phaenoh
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Picked Upload! This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Note: If you want to learn how to do this yourself, I've written a tutorial!

Update: I've created a newer version of this mod that has many more things moved and arranged. If this isn't quite to your liking, try the newer one!

Update: I've finally gotten around to uploading the Apartment Life and Mansions and Gardens versions of this mod. Many things have changed in almost all of the other versions. Please download an entirely new set of these mods to update. - Feb. 1, '09

By popular request (and Maxis giving us more similar crap) I've moved all the 'kitchen deco' to Appliance Misc. I realize they aren't actually appliances but that's where many people seem to think they would fit nicely, and I have come around and agreed with them. In addition now you have the KB and Ikea versions. See below for details. - Aug. 4, '08

Okay, so I’m looking for a fountain, wouldn’t it make sense to be with WATER STUFF?!? Or a restorable car, WITH OTHER CARS!? Or, I dunno, LIGHTS WITH OTHER LIGHTS!?!? Okay, so I’m a little cheesed off with the Buy Mode Catalog and I’m getting rather obsessive about customizing my game. I decided to move things to where they actually make sense.

This set of mods was created to help me actually use all the Maxis crap I have in my Buy Mode catalog. I’ve noticed that I tend to stay away from the Decorating tab unless one of my Fortune sims wants something dumb. I figured out the reason why I don’t use that tab is because I don’t really know whats in it. There is too much stuff that I never use. When a Fortune sim asked for yet another fountain, I found myself wading through that tab again, clicking on half the stuff trying to find fountains that cost a certain amount. I don’t want to spend my time trying to find crap my sims want, I’m supposed to be telling them what to do, not the other way around. So in efforts to streamline the process of actually finding stuff, I starting moving things around.

All of the fountains got moved to Misc. Plumbing, I thought it was silly that it was the only thing that deals with water that isn’t already in the plumbing category.

I moved any of the ‘sculptures’ that I tended to put in kids rooms in the Child tab and believe me, you will be pleasantly surprised at all the ‘new’ content in the Kids Tab. (15 items is a lot!)

Anything to do with animals of any sort went in the Pets tab.

Then I started moving all the candles (had a ton from the Holiday Packs) to Table Lamps after I found out that they really do glow and you can turn them on and off; that pack also had leafy green things in my sculptures or misc tabs, so those headed over to plants. I also moved all of the privacy/decorative screens into curtains because they are similar and that tab isn’t already overloaded with junk. I also moved all the Vanity tables to mirrors. Yes I know they are ‘tables’ but the only interaction sims have with them are the same as a mirror. I’ll end up using them more now because when I’m looking for a mirror I’ll see them and perhaps decide that a vanity would be a better choice. The last major thing I did was move any kitchen cupboard/pot pan racks/wine/spice racks to shelves. This might not make sense to everybody, but it’s close to the kitchen counters and all my CC kitchen wall cabinets are classified as such. I want everything to be close at hand. For complete details see list below.

This list details everything that is included in each .rar and what happens to them. The arrow > shows where in the catalog you can find the item now.

Base Game
Anytime Candles > Table Lamp
Model Plan > Kids
Kids Watercolor Paintings (3) > Kids
Aquarium > Pets
Moroccan Screen > Curtain
Picnic Table > Tables
Swing Set > Hobbies Exercising
Fruit Bowl > Appliance Misc.
Trash Cans (2) > Appliance Misc.
Grandfather Clock > Small Electronics
Mr. Bearybutts Chair > Kids
Flamingo > Garden (not moved in PreVersion)
Gnome > Garden (not moved in PreVersion)

Compatibility: If you do not have any Expansion Packs then DO NOT DOWNLOAD! It will crash your game!
If you do not have SSN or an Expansion Pack that was released after it you need the ‘PreVersion’ of this. Both are contained in the .rar. Keep only one. The Gardening Tab didn’t exist prior and you will just end up missing these two objects. The PreVersion has left them where they were

Holiday 2005
Wreaths (2) > Plants
Little Frock Tree > Plants
Wall Holiday Lights (3) > Wall Lights
Holiday Candle > Table Lamp
Kinara > Table Lamp
Menorah > Table Lamp
Holiday 2006
Candle Arch > Table Lamp
Lotus Candle > Table Lamp
Compatibility: Please only keep the Holiday Pack that you have (both are in the .rar, if you only have one, delete the other). If you don’t then the one that you don’t have will end up showing ‘missing picture’ objects in your catalog. You can read the description of the object, but you can’t see it or use it. This also applies if you have neither Holiday Packs. All others in this set are safe to download even if you don’t have them and do not exhibit this behavior with ‘missing picture’ objects

College Fountains (2) > Misc. Plumbing
Vanity Table > Mirrors

Stackable Lighted Block > Floor Lamps
Nightclub Fountain > Misc. Plumbing
Karaoke Machine > Hobbies Creative
Juice (Wine) Rack > Shelves Misc. Surface in PreVersion
Pots and Pans Rack > Shelves Misc. Surface in PreVersion
Napkin Holders > Appliance Misc.
Photo Booth > Electronics Misc.

Compatibility: If you do not have OFB or an Expansion Pack that was released after it you need the ‘PreVersion’ of this. Both are contained in the .rar. Keep only one. The Shelving Tab didn’t exist prior and you will just end up missing these two objects. The PreVersion has them placed in Misc. Surface.

Open For Business
Salon Chair > Misc. Hobbies
EuroOrnate Fountain > Misc. Plumbing
Franky Bear > Kids
Modern Screen > Curtains
Trash Can > Appliance Misc.

Family Fun Stuff
GrowChart > Kids

Glamour Life Stuff
Luxury Fountain > Misc. Plumbing

Celebration Stuff
(nothing moved)

Atomic Age Fountain > Misc. Plumbing
Robot Sculpture (toy) > Kids
Rocket ship Sculpture (toy) > Kids
Saltwater Aquarium > Pets
Leash Rack > Pets
Beware of Pet sign > Pets
EuroPark sign > Pets
Pet Crossing sign > Pets
Pet Store sign > Pets

Fountain Pond (sprinkler thing) > Misc. Plumbing
Fountain Tiered Garden > Misc. Plumbing
Scarecrow > Gardening
Tiki Screen > Curtains
Corner Shelf > Shelves (Even if you don't have OFB, these will still appear in the shelves tab!)
Pots and Pans Ceiling Rack > Shelves
Wall Cabinet > Shelves
Plate Rack > Shelves
Spice Rack > Shelves
Vanity > Mirrors
Kitchen Jars > Appliance Misc
Kitchen Utensils Jar > Appliance Misc
Dried Flowers > Appliance Misc
Hanging Skillets > Appliance Misc
Oven Mits > Appliance Misc
Ice Rinks (2) > Hobbies Exercise
Skating Rinks (2) > Hobbies Exercise
Lightning Rod > Architecture (Gen. Misc. in PreVersion)
Weather Vane > Architecture (Gen. Misc. in PreVersion)
Weather Station > Electronics Misc.
Orchard Trees (3) > Trees
Lawn Chicken > Garden
Rocks > Garden
Adress Sign > Garden

Compatibility: If you do not have MG you need the ‘PreVersion’ of this. Both are contained in the .rar. Keep only one. The Architecture Tab didn’t exist prior and you will just end up missing these objects. The PreVersion has them placed in General Misc.

HM Fashion Stuff
Stackable Lighted Block > Floor Lamps
Lighted Signs (2) > Wall Lamps
HM Clothing Displays (2) > Dressers
Floor Fashion Curtain > Curtains

Bon Voyage
Zen Garden > Hobbies Recreation
Tea Table > Hobbies Recreation
Fountain Monkey Ruins > Misc. Plumbing
Fountain Shishi Odoshi > Misc. Plumbing
Hot Spring > Hot Tubs
Potted Bamboo > Trees
Roof Decorations (6) > Architecture (Gen. Misc. in PreVersion)
Pyramid Pieces (5) > Architecture (Gen. Misc. in PreVersion)
Suana > Hot Tubs
Tori Gate > Gates
Mountain Sign > Gates

Compatibility: If you do not have MG you need the ‘PreVersion’ of this. Both are contained in the .rar. Keep only one. The Architecture Tab didn’t exist prior and you will just end up missing all these objects. The PreVersion has them placed in General Misc.

Teen Style Stuff
Coat Rack (2) > Dressers
Vanity > Mirrors
Wavy CD Tower > Shelves

Free Time
Restorable Car > Cars (Even if you don't have Nightlife, this will still appear in the cars tab!)
Butterfly Wall Decals > Kids
Airplane > Kids
Hanging Mobile > Kids
Hanging UFO > Kids
Metal Robot > Kids
Chalk Board > Kids
Ant Farm > Pets (Even if you don't have Pets, these will still appear in the pets tab!)
Birdhouse > Pets
Exit Sign > Ceiling Lamps
Book Stacks > Knowledge
Shoji Screen > Curtains
Wolf Movie stand up > Deco Misc
Blank Canvases > Dec Misc
Spices and Sundries > Appliances Misc
Mini Stone Henges (2) > Garden
Basketball Hoop > Hobbies Exercise
Soccer Net > Hobbies Exercise

Kitchen and Bath
Hanging Pots > Shelves
Kitchen Vent > Large Appliances
Salt and Pepper shakers > Appliance Misc.
Sugar, Peppercorn, Flour > Appliance Misc.

Poppy Wall Decals > Kids
Lack Shelfs (3) > Shelves
Benno CD Towers (3) > Shelves
Ikea PS Cabinet > Shelves
Helmer Drawers > Shelves
Mini Easel > Hobbies Creativity

Apartment Life
Aquarium > Pets
Playground Equipment (5) > Hobbies Exercise
Medicine Cabinets (2) > Mirrors
Trash Chute > Appliance Misc.
Alien Soup Stature > Kids
Cereal Boxes > Appliance Misc.
Wall Pottery > Decorative Sculptures
Central Air Vents (12) > Architecture (Gen. Misc in PreVersion)
Pipes (5) > Architecture (Gen. Misc in PreVersion)
Radiator > Plumbing Misc.
Roofs (3) > Architecture (Gen. Misc in PreVersion)
Architecture Details (9) > Architecture (Gen. Misc in PreVersion)
Ceiling Crossbeam > Architecture (Gen. Misc in PreVersion)
Compatibility: If you do not have MG you need the ‘PreVersion’ of this. Both are contained in the .rar. Keep only one. The Architecture Tab didn’t exist prior and you will just end up missing all these objects. The PreVersion has them placed in General Misc.

Mansions and Gardens
Ceiling Fans (3) > Ceiling Lights
Fountain > Misc. Plumbing
Rock Mushrooms > Garden
Stuffed Freezer Bunny > Kids
Garden Tools > Garden
Ivy (3) > Bushes
Solar Panels (2) > Electronics Misc.
Windmill > Electronics Misc.

Install Instructions: Place ALL of these mods together in your most recently released EP or SP ‘Stuff Pack’ folder. C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 FreeTime\TSData\Res\StuffPack (click for pic) This is a relatively new folder and some of the older EPs don’t have them. I tried adding this folder to Seasons and everything worked perfectly. If for some reason it doesn’t work (I did not test out every game combination) put the files in your Bins folder. For some reason none of the SP catalog editions work in that folder and those will have to go in your Downloads folder. This means they WILL get the Custom Content Star of Shame. Do not place the EP editions in the Downloads folder, there is no reason to purposefully make them deleteable in game (and hence game corruptible!)

Enjoy your newly cleaned up Buy Mode catalog! I know I am!


P.S. If EA gives us anymore EPs or SPs with badly cataloged items, I will be adding them to THIS thread. Check back here if/when they get released.

Additional Credits:
Numenor's AnyGameStarter, very useful for testing.

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