Movie Set Collection Part 2 (Finally) - Urban Street

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Uploaded 6th Apr 2008 at 6:00 AM · Updated 6th Apr 2008 at 11:26 PM by Flabaliki : Misspelt the title lol

---------URBAN STREET---------
Flabaliki, 6th April '08

Choice of Custom Content Items & Only Requires Nightlife

The idea of the collection of residential lots is for those who love to make movies but cannot create the picture perfect set that they see in their heads.

This neighborhood is an old run down one. Hardly anyone ever goes there but when they do they are overcome by the smell of homeless people. Are you willing to take your sims there?

There are 17 custom content items include but if your computer is like mine and can't handle it (it just about killed my computer putting all that cc in my game) then download the file titled Urban Street Set No CC.rar

Today I present you with the second in the line of sets - Urban Street


Many many thanks goes to Retail Sims for creating all of the wonderful urban objects that I have used in this lot.

Lot Size: 5x6
Lot Price: §133,508

Custom Content Included:
- Fire Escape by Retail Sims
- Newpaper Boxes by Retail Sims
- More Trash in a Pile by Retail Sims
- Another Trash Pile by Retail Sims
- Trash Pile by Retail Sims
- Medium Trash Pile by Maxis. by Retail Sims
- The Maxis Large Pile of Trash by Retail Sims
- The Maxis Large Pile of Trash by Retail Sims
- The Small Trash Pile by Maxis by Retail Sims
- The Maxis Trashbag by Retail Sims
- Maxis Trasbag V2. by Retail Sims
- Spilled Trashbag by Retail Sims
- Classic Concrete Barrier by Retail Sims
- Traffic Barriers by Retail Sims
- Annoying Orange Cone by Retail Sims
- Ductwork by Retail Sims
- Concrete Bumper by Retail Sims

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