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Stella & the skin

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Uploaded: 7th Apr 2008 at 11:11 AM
Updated: 7th Apr 2008 at 8:08 PM
Hi again,

This is Stella, my F-Inevo4 model

an attractive young woman with a sadness in her eyes,
She never says anything about her past to anybody, so you can forever guessing.

these are many expressions of her in game,

she is uploaded with special skin
s0F-INevo4 mts version (a barbie waist down non default tan skin)

CC included in the pack:
skinset, eyebrows, eyes, lipglow, freckles, cheekshader by me/ navetsea

2-B-Real birthmarks by simenroute @ INSIM, link here:

eyeshadow; watercolors duo by Bruno @ MTS2, link here:

lip color; lotsalip - fawntastic by Bruno @ MTS2, link here:

blush; helaene - soft blush - 4 by helaene, link here:

Eyelashes/liner; lashes for all races; by Anva, link here:

Thank you so much for all the CC maker
Simenroute's multi wearable birthmark really boost the realism on my sim, thank you Simenroute
and Bruno, Bruno is the top supplier of my TS2 makeup & lingeries, Thank you Bruno
and Helaene's blushes always blend so nicely with my skinset, thanks a lot Helaene
and for the beautiful lashes, big thanks to Anva.

she is packed with maxis hair and underwear (base game compatible)

cc not included only used for screenshot:
the beautiful hair used in the screenshot is Peggy's new free hair (Peggy_Fh080329_c31), at

happy simming,


Custom Content by Me:
- navetsea_stella model
- F-IN brows dbrown5 by navetsea
- eyes04 F-INevo3f by navetsea
- glow F-IN evo3f by navetsea
- freclkles F-INevo4 by navetsea
- Cheek shader1 by navetsea
- s2 F-INevo4 MTSv by navetsea

Custom Content Included:
- simenroute -- birthmark 10 by simenroute
- WaterColours Duo -StormCloud- Bruno@MTS2 by bruno
- Anva_lashforallrace by Anva
- simenroute -- birthmark 13 by simenroute
- Lotsa Lip -Fawntastic- Bruno@MTS2 by Bruno
- helaene - soft blush - 4 by Helaene

there is also a male model uploaded recently there: