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Kitchen & Bath Stuff Objects Fix - Missing Seasons/FreeTime Functions Enabled - Updated 2008/08/31, Rolled into New AL fix

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Uploaded: 16th Apr 2008 at 1:31 PM
Updated: 24th Jul 2011 at 8:11 AM - AL Compatibility

2008-08-31: This fix was rolled into Stuff Pack Objects Fix Collection for Apartment Life in Apartment Life. If you have AL, remove this fix and get the new AL fix.

2008-07-10: v1.01 - Added a new version for FreeTime 2nd patch or later. Fixed the wrong pie menu text of Romantic Dishwasher in non-English games.

The second and third FT patch updated most of K&B objects to FT, but EAxis as usual did a poor job, messing up pie menu text of Romantic Dishwasher in all non-English games. "Get Out of The Way" will come up instead of the appropriate equivalent of "Tinker".
Also, the patch didn't update some missing codes in K&B Coffee Maker, Toilets and Tub, which may or may not affect the gameplay in a subtle way. It's possible those missing bits are never used in game anyway.

If you're playing game in English and do not mind those missing codes, you can remove my fix. But if you'd rather get missing codes just in case, or if you're playing non-English game, get the new version for FT second patch. (Don't forget to remove the old version.) The installation location was changed, please read the instruction carefully.

Seasons and BV players were left out again, just like BV players were left out with outdated Teen stereo and computer. Seasons and BV players should continue using this fix.

2008-05-31: FreeTime second patch fixed this issue, according to patch changelog.

However, the changelog doesn't say anything about other objects like the K&B coffee maker or toilets, which may or may not affect the gameplay in a subtle way. As I personally haven't installed the thing yet (and I'm not going to touch it with a ten-foot pole for the time being, given the numerous complaints over at BBS), I don't know if those unmentioned objects were updated or not. Many people reported that the glaring major problem with missing EP interactions was all fixed though, so I think FT players can safely remove this fix.


Just as I predicted some months before, new fridges, appliances and plumbing fixtures in Kitchen & Bath Stuff Pack are missing functions added after Seasons. Official stuff pack objects working no better than some outdated custom objects, how lovely.

They're based on Pets version, so none of Seasons functions (Get Leftovers/Stock/Compost) and FT functions (Serve Platter/Tinker) are working.

This mod will enable all missing Seasons and FT functions for KBID objects.
Only needed for Seasons or later EPs. Not needed for Pets or older EPs. At least Sims can bathe dogs in the new clawfeet bathtub. (And thank God for that, updating pre-Pets bathtub would have been a nightmare.)

There are 3 versions of this fix. ONLY choose one of them, depending on your latest EP and patch.
If you use FT version when your latest EP is either Seasons or BV, the game will throw an error whenever you mouse-hover on the K&B Trash Compactor.
  • zLdDarcy_SP7KBIDObjectsFix_FTp2.package
    Your latest EP is FreeTime, and have applied the 2nd patch or later

  • LdDarcy_SP7KBIDObjectsFix_FT.package
    Your latest EP is FreeTime, but have NOT applied the 2nd patch or later

  • LdDarcy_SP7KBIDObjectsFix_SNS.package
    Your latest EP is either Seasons or Bon Voyage

List of objects fixed by this mod:
  • Solid Sense Fridge by Romantic Notions (Fridge - Romantic): Get Leftovers/Stock (SNS), Serve Platter (FT)
  • The Coldinator by Kitchensations (Fridge - Stylish): Get Leftovers/Stock (SNS), Serve Platter (FT)
  • Garbage Ninja by Kitchensations (Trash Compactor Stylish): Compost Contents (SNS), Tinker (FT)
  • Big and Brown Dishwasher by Romantic Notions (Dishwasher - Romantic): Tinker (FT)
  • SuperJet Corner Shower by Sleek Sensations (Shower - Stylish): Tinker (FT)
  • You Got Feets Bathtub (Tub - Romantic): Tinker (FT)

I also updated some of codes for KBID Coffee Maker, 2 Toilets and Microwave, just in case.
Some bits about PlantSim toddlers and temperature were missing.

Seems that EAxis is almost expecting for modding community to clean up their mess. Base game compatibility? Nonsense. How could it be THAT difficult to check the latest EP upon installation? Or to provide a simple patch on the official website, so that later EP owners can enjoy new functions? If an average player like me can make a quick fix with third party tool just in one day, then bunch of PAID professional programmers can damn well find a workaround, if they only care. This is just pure laziness.
/rant over


FreeTime (Unpatched or Patch 1) and Seasons version

Place in your My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads folder.
(Or in a subfolder of Downloads folder.)

FreeTime Patch 2 version

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 FreeTime\TSData\Res\Overrides
(or the corresponding folder on your system if your game isn't installed in C:\Program Files)

DO NOT remove z- prefix in the filename. It is for ensuring that the fix is loaded after SP objects,
overriding original settings.

Stuff Pack objects were always missing new functions introduced by later EPs. For example, Sims can't plan outfits using H&M clothing booth. Pets can't sleep on GLS bed. BV players can't book vacations on Teen computer. It's just more noticeable this time, as previous SPs never included kitchen objects. As the whole point of this SP is kitchen appliances, fridges are the centerpieces of this SP. Given the vast change in fridge functions introduced by Seasons, one would expect that EAxis would at least make this SP based on Seasons engine, but no.

Check out my other similar fixes for outdated and neglected Stuff Pack objects:

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BV clothing booth interactions (Change/Plan Outfits) enabled for H&M clothing booth
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Teen Style Stuff Objects Fix for FreeTime (FT Only)
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v1.0: Initial release.
v1.01: Added a new version for FreeTime 2nd patch or later.
Fixed the wrong pie menu text of Romantic Dishwasher in non-English games. (2008/07/10)

Additional Credits:

Everyone who contributed to the development of SimPE