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Longer Seasons (7/10/14/20/30 Days) All/Specific Seasons

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Uploaded: 17th Apr 2008 at 2:29 PM
Updated: 8th Oct 2008 at 11:34 PM - Added 30 Days Option for Season Changes and varibles season lengths.
Alright all this is a pretty simple mod. Basicly what it does is change the total days for the season(s). Changing it from the default 5 to ethier 7 or 10 or 14. No muss no fuss, it should work and looks t work perfectly but since i havn't tested it very throughly i'm putting it in testing for now, I have it in my sims 2 game working with all expansions, but obviously you will at least need seasons for this to work.

7 Days:
10 Days:
14 Days:

I have many varations here with each day change. The mod version with all changes all seasons (summer, spring, fall and winter) to that day, anything else is just for that specifc season (summer only changes summer), no mixing or matching here, if you want it to affect a certian seasons (ie spring) then pick ONLY the spring version, if you want to effect all seasons select that. You can also NOT do 7 days for fall and 14 days for winter, etc. It will NOT work. If theres intrest in diffrent time periods for seasons (ie: 5 for winter, 7 for fall, 14 for summer etc.) I may do it, but for now this is what there is.

Its really as simple as that, this dosnt really overide anything major just a simple constant list that has the deafult amount of days, also when you enter your lot, whatever days you have left will not be affected by the mod, it will only tkae effect on the next season change and every change there after.

I have tried to give a good range here, if i add anymore it may be a 20 day but i think that may be a bit much, let me know what you all think and if you encounter any problems

UPDATE 4/24/08
Hey all update for everyone as I said I would, and as I belive by the number of downloads of the 14 days version, I have made and added a 20 day version of my longer seasons mod. There is no screenshot but it works just like the others. Of course just like the others we have all the version for you so go nuts. This is still in testing for now but I have verfied (all except the newest stuff pack) that the mod works perfectly as is with at least my sims 2 setup. If your experincing any problems you may want to check any other latest mods you download, as this mod ONLY effects the seasons length constant.

UPDATE 10/08/08
Hello everyone one last update for you all. I have added a new option for upto 30 days to emulate an entire month as a season. There is no screenshot but it works just as the others. Also since there has been no issues or problems with other expansions i'm moving this mod to finshed and no longer in testing so have at it!
I've also added 2 new options to download, and these are varible length seasons, meaning each season has a diffrent amount of days, they are 10, 14, 20, 30 repsectivly and the other file does opposite. So for example the 10-30_begin file does 10 days for 1st season, 14 days for 2nd season, 20 days for 3rd season and then 30 days for the 4th season. The other file 30-10_end does the same except in reverse in other words 30 days for 1st season, 20 days for 2nd season, 14 days for 3rd season, and 10 days for 4th season. Use them as you will i figured for people who dont have the set seasons it can give them some varitey.

Once again as before there is no mixing or matching of these mod files, just pick and use one!

Thank you so much for your encoruging support/feedback please keep it coming!

Additional Credits: SimPE .72