"Free Time" Bohemian Recolors for teens

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Uploaded: 17th Apr 2008 at 7:03 PM
With Free Time there came this new mesh, which I thought is pretty awesome.
But, so I'm used of EAxis nowadays, the textures were a little.. extraordinary to say the least.

So, I intended to make some neutral recolors, but I decided to make some cheery colorful recolors as well. The main point on the outfit were the pants to me, and those are fixed, if I may say it myself

About the recolors:
There are 6 of 'em, all come with jeans except wicked colored flairy pants.
The bright colored jewelry is recolored to silver, so it isn't overdone anymore. I also made the shoes more matching with the colors of the outfit.

I made 3 different sets, one is neutral quilted, one is kinda groovy and one is with a beautiful Abaresque pattern.

The Quilted one comes in a pink dress with a red shirt, and a light blue dress with a teal shirt.

The Groovy set includes a green dress with an orange shirt, and a purple dress with a blue shirt.

And, last but certainly not least, the Arabesque set is in orange with yellow, and yellow with bright green.

All outfits are in the same .RAR file, but they're numbered.
1 = Pink Quilted
2 = Blue Quilted
3 = Groovy Green
4 = Groovy Purple
5 = Yellow Arabesque
6 = Orange Arabesque

I've also included 2 pictures with some details and with a color scheme, so you can have a clearly picture of what you get if you decide to download =)

Free Time is required to let these recolors show up in your game.

Picture credits:
Hair by Raon
Make-Up by Bruno
Skin by Louis, modified version by Lin

Wallpaper is by me.

Happy Simming!