Nouk - 4 Adult Female Skinny pants Outfits on new mesh!

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Uploaded: 18th Apr 2008 at 1:30 AM
Nouk - 4 Adult Female Skinny pants Outfits on new mesh!

Ok, I hardly make clothing, so maybe I should explain.

I made this mesh because usually when I see good skinny pants mesh, it has either huge uncomfortable heels or toothpick legs and a butt you can only see with a magnifying glass... This mesh caters to the slightly more femenine shapely females, with a nice butt and normal shapely legs.

These are a mix of handskinning and photoskinning. 100% photoskinning is creepy and 100% handskinning is too Maxis-y and not within my capabilities or patience yet. I'm especially happy with the pants, because I used one of my older pants and went *YUCK* and deleted most of it, adding in litte things, drawing little things, etc. It's more handskinned than photoskinned, yay!

Each outfit has a different shade of the same pants.

Blue/Green top

Brown Top

Orangey Top

White Top

- 1389 vertices, 2098 faces
- fat morph, pregnant morph included

Please read
- Please do not use this mesh in a payfile or even a free file for a paysite, no recolors as pay or on a paysite either. I do not support paysites.
- Please read my Profile for my TOU!

Enjoy! xxx Nouk

Polygon Counts:
1389 vertices, 2098 faces

Additional Credits:
- Wes_H
- SimPE Team
- Dour for being a babe and testing it