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New Career - Mechanic

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Uploaded: 21st Apr 2008 at 9:34 AM
Updated: 29th Aug 2009 at 8:22 PM - Requested by moderator
This is my latest career that I have developed, the mechanic. This is an add-on career that does not replace any of the other careers already in the game. This career was written in the base-game format so it should be compatible with all expansion packs and has nine chance cards along the career path (all levels except Project Engineer.)

Here are the levels, the pay at each level, a full description of every level and the hours and days of the week for each level.

Janitor 244
You are working your way through trade school as a janitor. You do not get paid much but enough to make ends meet. You go to school in the morning and work at night. You do not have much time for a social life but there will be time for that after you finish with school.
Work on your studies as this school is not a walk in the park. You will need quite a bit of mechanical skill to pass your finals.
Tues – Sat 5pm till Midnight

Mr./Miss. Fix-It 305
You are getting closer to graduation from your trade school but have found a better paying job that works with your school schedule. You now work part-time in an electronics repair call-center.
You think this job is beneath you but this job does not require any education above that of high school. You get fed processes, mission statements and repair methods from a textbook written at a 5th-grade level. Your boss gives you instructions but clearly could not fix a toaster if his life depended upon it. You are miserable but at least you are making good money for someone still in a trade school.
You need to study and get out of this job as it is driving you to drink!
Tues – Sat 5pm till 1am

Repair Man/Repair Woman 381
You graduated from your schooling and got yourself out of that dreaded call-center. Finally you are working for a corporate repair center. Every day televisions and stereos come in needing repairs so the company can refurbish them and sell them to someone else. This is very steady work and you find yourself challenged just about every day.
Start working on your logic so you can position yourself upon one of the specialty boards here at work.
Mon – Fri 8am till 5pm

Electrician 476
You finally got yourself upon one of the specialty boards at work in the electronics section. You now get paid more money to do less work but the company is also currently downsizing. They say that your job is not at risk but repair itself is a corporate expense, not a revenue-making department.
You should work on developing the main skills that got you this job because you do not know how long this job is going to last.
Mon – Fri 8am till 5pm

Mechanic 619
You got out of the corporate repair center just before they downsized all of the specialty positions. Before you left that place was in a thick fog of corporate bureaucracy as they were expecting the new guys to be able to do the same work as the guys that had been there for over a decade.
You are now working as a mechanic in an auto shop. You stepped into the position with the experience level as someone who has been there for over five years. Whatever you do not know right off the top of your head you can figure out in just a few minutes after looking at the problem itself.
The money is nice here but you want something more, work on your mechanical ability, as you will need it to go up to where you want to be.
Mon – Fri 7am till 4pm

Ace Mechanic 805
Just when you were looking for something more, you manage to get a promotion. Maybe you will stick around for a little while after all. The work as one of the supervisors may be a little harder but the money is well worth it.
You are just curious as to exactly what you could accomplish with your skills if you were to get a little more creative with the skills you already have. Who knows, the possibilities are almost limitless?
Mon – Fri 7am till 4pm

Mechanical Designer 1047
After reading several auto-mechanical magazines and manuals, you realized that if you were to alter the design of a few parts you could allow a typical car to both function and handle much easier. You showed your designs to a parts-manufacturer and they offered you a job.
Now you are back in a corporate environment working with their research and development department. Not bad for someone who only has a 4-year degree in mechanics.
This job is a whole new work environment compared to anything you have ever experienced before. You are surrounded every day with some extremely smart people who are way too competitive. You should really brush up on your research skills fit-in with this environment better.
Mon – Fri 8am till 6pm

Engineer 1361
One of the top researchers where you work is impressed with your knowledge and way of thinking and, has asked you to join his team. You and the rest of his team are now literally working on the car of the future. The car is not going to fly but this design is due to be released to the public three years from now.
This is the most liberal and creative work environment you have ever seen but you literally never even open your mouth unless you truly have an innovative idea. Otherwise you spend 90% of your time developing ways of correcting the problems of past designs.
Start working with the rest of your team closer because you are all in the same sink-or-swim environment.
Mon – Fri 8am till 6pm

Supervising Engineer 1769
You are in the most difficult and yet most liberating job you have ever known of. You are now one of the team leaders in this corporate team of designing the car of the future. You work with people much smarter than you but they still look to you for leadership because they still need a focus-figure. This is not to say you are not smart or don't know what you are doing but, you are not as smart as the team you are leading.
Your once team-leader who asked you to join this project has left the team to form a new team to design the car to come out the year after yours. You are truly going to have to harness all of your skills to make your team successful.
Mon – Fri 8am till 6pm

Project Engineer 2300
Your team has released their team product and with you being their leader in the end, their success is your success. The corporation is now looking towards you whenever they need to form a new team for whatever project they want to pursue as a corporation.
Your position and level of responsibility is far greater than anything you could have imagined in the days you were working part-time while going to school.
You are paid more than most celebrities but your position is such that anyone from any of the project teams you form could replace you someday, just as you replaced the guy who asked you to join his team. However you are not afraid if this happens, you have so much stock in the company that you could live comfortably for the rest of your life.
Mon – Fri 8am till 4pm

The teen and elderly version of this career can be found here .