William Morris Bedroom Tradition Set

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Uploaded 24th Apr 2008 at 3:31 AM · Updated 8th May 2009 at 1:38 PM by Echo

William Morris (24 March 1834 – 3 October 1896)
was an English artist, writer, and socialist. He was associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, was one of the principal founders of the British Arts and Crafts movement, a pioneer of the socialist movement in Britain, and a writer of poetry, fiction, and translations from the Icelandic. As a co-founder of the domestic design firm Morris & Co., Morris was influential in the resurgence of traditional textile arts in the wake of the industrial revolution, working across a broad spectrum of techniques including tapestry weaving, dyeing with natural dyes, carpet-making, wood-block printing, and embroidery in the style that became known as art needlework. He is perhaps best known as a designer of wallpaper and patterned fabrics and as the founder of the Kelmscott Press.

My upload is only a little example of the creativity of this artist and crafter.
It includes:

2 wallpapers
6 ceiling tiles recolours (full and half tiles)
1 bedbedding
1 rug
1 curtain
2 chairliving recolors
2 sofa recolors
2 loveseat recolors

Some in game screenshots of a William Morris bedroom:

More ingame shots to better view examples of bedbedding, loveseat, ceiling recolor:

Regarding the bed structure, I suggest the 'Art Nouveau' bed (the one in the shots) or the 'Regal sleep' one

Hope you enjoy!

Happy simming and... please, if you like it, do not forget to press the thank button! your comments are welcome too!


Custom Content by Me:
- Alisar_ArtNouveau3x4Rug_echo3x4meshrecolor
- Alisar_ArtNouveauBed_recolor
- Alisar_ArtNouveauCeiling_JGmeshv3recolor_centralborder_full
- Alisar_ArtNouveauCeiling_JGmeshv3recolor_centralborder_halftile1
- Alisar_ArtNouveauCeiling_JGmeshv3recolor_centralborder_halftile2
- Alisar_ArtNouveauCeiling_JGmeshv3recolor_centralpart_full
- Alisar_ArtNouveauCeiling_JGmeshv3recolor_centralpart_halftile1
- Alisar_ArtNouveauCeiling_JGmeshv3recolor_centralpart_halftile2
- Alisar_ArtNouveauCeiling_JGmeshv3recolor_cornerborder_full
- Alisar_ArtNouveauCeiling_JGmeshv3recolor_cornerborder_halftile1
- Alisar_ArtNouveauCeiling_JGmeshv3recolor_cornerborder_halftile2
- Alisar_ArtNouveauChairLiving_recolor
- Alisar_ArtNouveauChairLiving_recolor2
- Alisar_ArtNouveauCurtains_recolor
- Alisar_ArtNouveauLoveseat_recolor
- Alisar_ArtNouveauSofa_recolor
- Alisar_ArtNouveauSofa_recolor2
- William Morris bedroom wallpaper by Alisar, part of the William Morris bedroom tradition set;
- William Morris bedroom wallpaper by Alisar, part of the William Morris bedroom tradition set;
-Alisar_WilliamMorris BedroomTradition-readme.txt

Custom Content Included:

- 3x4 Floor Rug Mesh by Echo (external MTS2 link)
- Ceiling Tiles/Half Tiles Meshes and Controller (Version 3) by jgwhiteus

-JGCeilingTilesV3-Readme.txt included (instructions)

Additional Credits: CEP and SimPE creators: thank you so much!
MTS2 community for the exaustive tutorials: thank you all!

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