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Kitchen and Bath Match Tiles, Set 3

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Uploaded: 8th May 2008 at 9:06 AM
The third and probably last in a series of matching floor/wall tiles for tiles in the Kitchen and Bath Stuff Pack. There are lots more tiles to match, but I've done all my favorites Three sets here:

1) Terracotta Diamond Tiles. These are wall tiles based on the Welcome Back Cotta 3 floor tile. I've added full and half walls for that tile, plus a red recolor with floor, full and half walls. The full walls in this set have wood crown molding. All are in the "tile" sort.
2 half walls, 2 full walls, 1 floor.

2) Old Brick Floors. Kitchen and Bath has two nice irregular old brick walls, and there was another one in Free Time (Bohemian Brick). Since the game is lacking in old brick floors, I made floor versions for all three of these; they're great for paths and patios. All are in the "brick" sort.
3 floors.

3) Hearty Concrete. The game includes half and full wall versions of the Hearty Light and Hearty Dark tiles. I really like the concrete uppers for the half walls, so I added concrete full walls and floor tiles as matches for this set. They work great in workshops and labs. All are in the "poured" sort.
2 full walls, 2 floors.

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Additional Credits:
Maxis tile designers.