Teen Female Fur Hooded Bombers

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Uploaded: 9th May 2008 at 11:28 AM
Updated: 17th Oct 2008 at 7:16 AM by CatOfEvilGenius
Here's a couple of Fur Hooded Bomber Tops for the Teen Females.

This mesh was originally a request from SenkoTwiik as she wanted a Bomber with a high waistline.

So aswell as making one with a high waistline I decided to make on with a regular waistline for variety.

These tops come with three textures:-
White Cream
Update:-24/05/08 Correct texture files added to ExportD_Short_TF_Bomber_MESH_with_Yoke_and_all_Textures.zip.

Update:- meshes with yoke
Standard and short version with a yoke are now uploaded due top a realsim issue pointed out by Renatus Valenitius.
So now you can choose between the bomber with yoke or without yoke or even both!

If you want the short top with yoke choose the ExportD_Short_TF_Bomber_MESH_with_Yoke_and_all_Textures.zip

If you want the standard top with yoke choose the ExportD_Standard_TF_Bomber_MESH_with_Yoke_and_all_Textures.zip

Meshes without yoke.



If you want the short top, makes sure you download the texture files starting with the word Short plus the short MESH file.
Same goes for the standard length but of course choose the texture files starting with the word standard and the standard MESH file.

Tested in game and appear to be working fine with all the bottoms in my game.

If you find any problems with the top don't hesitate to PM me.
Nothing worse than knowing my meshes are doing odd things in your game and other people are downloading it.

By all means feel free to recolour, just don't forget to PM me as I like to see how creators have recoloured the mesh.

And last but not least, download and enjoy.

Polygon Counts:
Standard Bomber Polys:-3112

Short Bomber Polys:-3140

Additional Credits:
Credit goes to the crash bug in ang41187's Baggy T Mesh.
If I did not offer to help and figure out how to fix her mesh, this mesh may not have been possible for me to make.

Custom Content used on Models
Hairs:- Nouk and XMsims with recolour by SeluXerez
Skin:- Ren
Freckles:- alkaloid