Bell Tutus for your Primas: Swan Lake and the Nutcracker

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Uploaded: 15th May 2008 at 12:50 AM

I've become something of a balletomane recently, and since I've been spending so much of my time thinking about ballet I thought it would be best if I put all these thoughts to good use.

I found the ballerina mesh that came with Freetime to be a little flaccid. Come on, nobody wants a saggy, limp tutu. Because I found the original mesh mildly abhorrent, I embarked on my very first meshing project ever, so please be kind.

I have handpainted six professional performance quality tutus for your prima ballerinas and principles for two of the most popular and most commonly staged ballets: Swan Lake and the Nutcracker. I did not handpaint the shoe texture -- that's original maxis and it seemed fine to me, so I left it. The rest of everything is pretty much all handpainted. This was a reasonable amount of work for six entirely unique tutus, so if you like them, go ahead and click thanks. I know, I'm so modest.

Also included for your pleasure is the mildly manky maxis tutu texture. I had nothing to do with that, so if you like it go and write a love letter to them!

These were of course designed to be used with the barres from Freetime, but they should be compatible with whatever. They were packaged with FT bodyshop, but I don't think that causes compatibility issues anymore.

I'm planning on doing two more sets of bell tutus: a set containing performance tutus for Sleeping Beauty and the Firebird, and one containing practice or corps tutus. I also would like to do danseur performance costumes for the ballets I've chosen because gentlemen need clothes too. I've already shaped a romantic tutu that I'd like to do recolors for, but as none are ready yet you'll have to wait for it. And yes, I plan to convert this to teen, just let me catch my breath

Remember to download the mesh and whatever recolors you'd like. If for some unfortunate reason you like the flaccid tutu, these recolors will work for that too, just dump them on top of it in bodyshop.

Gabriel's hair is by Nouk, her skintone is ephemera pale by Teru_k, her makeup is by Bruno, her eyes are by CrayonSun and her tiara is by Rock Chick

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Additional Credits:
Tutus Divine, Tutu Etoile, and Benefis Shop for their enchanting performance tutu designs.