~Homey Touches: The Bedroom Set~ 11 New Meshes!

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Uploaded: 18th May 2008 at 2:24 AM
Updated: 2nd Mar 2009 at 2:57 AM
Introducing the Homey Touches Collection--a new series of beautiful, yet functional, room sets designed for your most discerning Sims. Today, I'm pleased to offer you the Homey Touches Bedroom Set.

An elegant blend of simple lines and exotic elements, this set includes 11 all new meshes: bed, night stand, chair, table lamp, dresser lamp, armoire, tapestry, framed scrolls, curtains, rug, and potted plant.

This extensive collection blends beautifully together, but works equally well as stand-alone items. Designed for flexibility, the warm cherry wood finish provides the perfect compliment for a variety of styles and colors. But, if another color would better suit your tastes, please feel free to recolor and share with the rest of the community. (I'll be the first to admit that texturing is not my forte, so recolors are highly encouraged!)

I hope you enjoy the set!

NOTE: I did my best to keep the poly counts as low as possible, but a couple of items do have counts higher than the recommended 800-2000 per tile because of the wrought iron detailing that I felt was necessary for the aesthetics of the pieces. Those items are the bed (12,752) and the night stand (3018). Although comparable to other similar items in the community, if high poly counts are of concern to you, please consider this before downloading these pieces.


Known Issues:
--The covers of the bed are invisible when the sim pulls them back, and they appear to sink into the bed when sleeping. It won't hurt anything or crash your game, it's just odd to look at. The only way I could fix it is to remesh the bed, and that's not something I'm prepared to tackle right now (maybe someday). Sorry!
--The environment scores are wrong. They all say 100; they're actually between 1 and 10. Chalk it up to dumbassery--I tried something before I uploaded the set, but after it crashed my game, I changed it back, but forgot to change the catalog listing. D'oh!

Polygon Counts:
Dresser Lamp--602
Night Stand--3018
Framed Scrolls--74

Additional Credits:
I'd like to thank Pokedude9777 for helping me fix the rotation of the dresser lamp, Lethe_s for helping me determine the configuration to make the entire piece recolorable, and Hysterical Paroxysm, Porkypine, Bluetexasbonnie, and an especially big thanks to Maylin for helping me reduce the poly count from 5000+ to 602!

I'd also like to thank Maylin for fixing the GUID problem with the diagonal curtain mesh. You were a huge help, Maylin! I couldn't have finished this set without you!

Thanks also to Quaxi for SimPE, Numenor for CEP (and so much more!), and JWoods for the fine tutorial that started me on the path to object creation in the first place.

And to all the creators who share their work freely with the rest of the Sims 2 community. Without you, my game would be all Maxis.