"Mix n' Match" Mahjong-Matching Carved Card (Poker) Tables

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Uploaded: 18th May 2008 at 6:01 AM
Updated: 29th Aug 2008 at 6:46 PM
This "by request" set of carved card tables is designed to match all my Mahjong Table and Lotus Ming Dining Table sets.

Please note: You can use the carved card tables, by themselves, if you have Nightlife; but if you want them to match the Mahjong Table sets I made, you will also need Bon Voyage.

Just a few sample closeup pictures:

(See pictures below for more color combinations)

In order to have all colors of both wood and felt, you must put ALL the card (poker) table packages in your downloads folder. If all packages are included, you can mix and match the available felt with any color wood, and the available wood with any color felt. It is not possible to add just a felt color or just a wood color, since all packages must include both a felt and wood color, per package.

Once all packages are in your downloads folder, you will have the following colors:

felt -
lighter blond

wood -
dark wood
lighter wood
antique fawn
lighter blond

To have the whole matching gaming set, also look for my "Dark and Lighter Wood Mahjong Table/Chair Sets - in Red, Blue, Emerald, and Cream" and my "Mahjong Table/Chair Completer Sets," which add the rest of the colors to match these card tables. The Ming chairs found in the the matching sets are designed to be used with these card tables.

You may recolor these, by using my textures as a base for making more color tones, if you wish. No restrictions. Have fun!

Additional Credits:
Thank you to Numenor for the CEP and Quaxi, et al, for SimPE!