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Maxis Centerpiece... as Centerpiece! (Centerpiece Enabler for Maxis Small Objects) - Updated 2008/11/23, Added 1 M&G table plant and TV Dinner tray

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Uploaded: 29th May 2008 at 11:36 AM
Updated: 18th Nov 2011 at 8:34 AM - v1.0e: Added 1 M&G table plant and TV Dinner tray.

2008-11-23: Updated to v1.0e. Added 1 M&G table plant and TV Dinner tray.


As of NL, many Maxis small objects like vases or table lamps work as "centerpieces". If you put one of those centerpieces on a dining table, Sims can still use that table as an eating surface. (Sims won't put plates on it when they're Serving a Meal from fridge, though.)

However, a lot of Maxis small objects are not valid centerpieces, despite their small size. For example, every single object from Happy Holiday Stuff doesn't work as a valid centerpiece. (See the screenshot above.) If you put one of those invalid centerpieces on a dining table, Sims will refuse to use that table to dine on. (Like the tables on the back patio at Crypt O'Night in NL downtown, where small candles prevent Sims from using those tables.)

This mod makes nearly all Maxis small objects up to Mansion & Garden Stuff Pack to function as valid centerpieces. If there are missing small objects, please let me know.
It does NOT work for custom objects.
  • Decorative: small decorative objects (sculptures and plants)
  • Dish: plates, bowls, platters and cakes
  • Electronics: some small electronics
  • Lamp: table lamps

Required EP: NL or later. Even if you don't have any EP, it will work if you have at least one SP. (Except for Happy Holiday Stuff)


Place in your My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads folder.
(Or in a subfolder of Downloads folder.)

Technical Stuff: Valid centerpieces have "CT - Allow With Food" BHAV. If you want to make custom objects to work as valid centerpieces, extract one of BHAVs from this mod and add it to the custom object. Change the group of newly added BHAV to 0xFFFFFFFF, otherwise your custom object will work as a hack! Make sure to adjust Instance number to prevent resource conflict.