Fitness Fanatic Career

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Uploaded: 6th Jun 2008 at 12:07 AM
Updated: 19th Feb 2009 at 12:47 AM
After almost a whole year of working off-and-on with this career, I'm finally able to release it!

I thought of this career idea after needing a career for my sporty sims besides the Athletic career track. I started to work on it right after my Events Planner career was released, but I then got bored and was even going to abandon the career. The Literature Pixie told me to continue on and I'm glad that I listened to her!

Fitness Fanatic is EP Ready, with all 10 chance cards completed. During my testing, the career did not overwrite any other career. Fitness Fanatic is based off the Athletic career track and the career reward is the Punching Bag. This is my first time with career icons, so it may look a bit fugly but hey, I'm new at it.

Here are the 10 levels, from lowest to highest:

Senior Aerobics Instructor: $330 Mon-Fri
Whipping the elderly into shape may not be the most glamorous job out there but it’s a great start into the sweaty and smelly world of fitness. Work on your body and mechanical and you’ll never have to deal with Mrs. Crumplebottom again.

Yoga Instructor: $410 Tue Wed Thu Sat Sun
Going from fragile elders to arrogant yuppies is a huge jump, though you still must deal with a lot frustration (and bubble baths to relax those tense muscles). Work on your body and logic to find your center and get the heck out of this low-paying job!

Gym Trainer: $575 Mon Tue Wed Sat Sun
You’re finally in a real gym! Being a gym trainer means training all ages, races, genders, and cultures but your clients all want one thing: to be strong and ripped! You’ll need to work on your body to impress your clients and mechanical to fix up that faulty gym equipment.

Activewear Line Employee: $658 Mon-Fri
If you want to get ahead in the fitness world, you must show your competitors that you mean business and joining the athletic world of fashion is a great way to show it! Not many people wear athletic clothing but it is a very competitive market mind you. Work on your mechanical and logic so you can create some awesome threads for your buff buyers.

Sports Drink Creator: $845 Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
You’re starting to get more and more into the business side of fitness now! Creating sports drinks may sound like fun but it’s really draining and quite uneventful; trying to convince sims to buy watered down Sim-Aid is so boring. Work on your mechanical and logic and you’ll be popping out some delicious Simmerade for gullible trainers to gulp down!

Wellness Coach: $966 Mon Wed Fri Sat
You now work in the more medical side of fitness. You teach sims how to not only to be physically fit, but mentally fit too. You know all the diets out there, from the Elixir of Life Diet to the Pool Ladder Diet, and which ones work and which ones (obviously) don’t. Having good connections, logic and body skills will get you out of the hospital and into a bigger, better office.

Fitness Author: $1090 Mon Wed Sat
You’ve been asked to put all of your fitness secrets into a series of books after being such a good Wellness Coach. This is a great way to gain more popularity and get a lot of money! Oh, and help some desperate people out in the process too. Work on your body and logic to rip off, I mean help, your fans get fit and happy.

Fitness Promoter: $1300 Wed Thu Fri Sun
You now promote all types of events glorifying fitness: fat camps, sport clubs, YMCAs, and athletic events just to name a few. You’re now a regular on gym equipment infomercials and your phone has been going off the hook for countless TV offers. Work on your body, mechanical, and logic to get even better..

Motivational Fitness Speaker: $2442 Mon Tue Fri
Having mass seminars and mega conventions about becoming fit to those sims who have tried everything out there to lose weight but failed means helping many sims in need but more importantly, big money! All you need is some body and logic skills and those simmies will be wrapped around your fingers.

Celebrity Trainer: $3100 Tue Thu Sat
You train the top celebs in SimWorld. Everyone in Simmywood loves you and knows your clients come out looking like gods and goddesses. People wait hours just to see you in your luxurious gym and would kill to have regular sessions with such a great trainer. You came a long way from working with smelly old people. Congrats, you’re at the top!

Enjoy! Don't forget about the Thank You button.

Additional Credits:
Maxis-For cretaing such a masterpiece of a game
SimPE creators-Thank you for creating such an mindblowing program
Superfly and Emma_Barrett-For creating such awesome career tutorials. You guys rock!
p00jkins-For creating EP Ready base templete careers. Thank you so much!